Virgo/Libra Disseminating Moon
—February 18

Vibrations continue to resonate from within, today—aligning and realizing, learning and understanding… and implementing.

Upon implementation, here, Virgoan energies can’t help but be pulled by the sheer enjoyment of the process—the process of implementing, whatever it may be… very earthy energies, indeed, prefer and find comfort within the rooting of something through which growth or building can then occur—because, if you build it… something wonderful will come.

So, essentially, today’s vibrations inform notions of grounding—which would be symbolic of the commitment; rooting—symbolic of the effort put into understanding and learning; and implementing—as in the shifting necessary or the action acted upon… however, again, particularly through such Virgoan energies—it cannot be understated how sacred the process should be revered. 

Simply, just the detail that you’re doing the doing.

As the moon moves through the later degrees of Virgo the sun ingresses into Pisces, shifting the balances quite a bit before the moon rebalances itself into Libra later in the evening…

I’m sure by now your guts and inner knowing have collaborated enough with the clickety clackety of your inner clockworks and the whispers of your psyche and the Morse code of your subconscious… it’s no longer enough to know what you must do next, and understand the why or the how—it is now more severely about your inner will moving through you against gravity, against it all… even against your own ego.

And as the moon moves into the left/right loveliness’es of Libra and the sun has just moved into the magically contrary possibilities of Pisces—this inner will of yours need not be aggressive or charging, and Buddha help you if it’s egoic… your inner will need only be, quite simply—alive, and conscious, kind, and reflectively focused.

Really, these new energies introduce something of a zealous quality, zeal defining ‘fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor’… again—the process of it all needs to begin somewhere, and then grow…

{{{{{may your inner will be eager with zeal}}}}}

At some point today you may better understand why collaboration with an/Other is so vitally necessary toward whatever it is you’re acting upon, moving toward, or building… do try to schedule as many interviews, lunch meetings, zoom calls, one-on-one’s, or otherwise interactive interchanges as possible—these will come in handy as you require them.

There is no need to rush this process—remember to manage this segment of the overall process as meditatively as you did the first step, as it is simply the next thing you need to do.

Pretend it’s a dance… a Libra moon would.

This is also a good time to consider even more questions, various circumstances, concerns, alternative methods, and/or other people who would know more about what you’re needing to know more about… as some of the smartest people in the world will eagerly tell you: always try to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself…

Never be the smartest one in the room; really—how dreadfully boring.

We all tend to make zealous judgements and thereby close ourselves off from revelation. If we feel that we already know something in its totality, then we fail to keep our ears and eyes open to that which may expand or even change that which we so zealously think we know.❞
——Madeleine L’Engle

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @inoumena

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