Libra Disseminating Moon
—February 19

Today’s moon connects to Mercury by trine through a degree that associates itself to ‘guidance and protection on the path; wisdom; looking for truth; seeking answers to complicated questions; listening and learning; turning to others to receive guidance; and instinctual knowledge…’

You may feel as though “information and understanding is coming to you, or through you… insights, knowledge and expertise are available or present, or at least they need to be.”

It is essential, now, to find a balance… someone seemingly ‘knowing more’ than everyone else is not the same thing as someone who truly understands concepts and theories and overalls from a different (and possibly higher) perspective; learn to notice the differences.

Further, “are you, or is someone else, projecting something—a thought or an attitude, onto others in this situation that isn’t really appropriate or doesn’t really belong to you/them?—someone is, or needs to, notice what’s going on, or take a minute to observe people in their true light…” and this could be quite disappointing, or even somewhat hurtful it adversely misunderstood, but absolutely necessary to address at this point, confronting this early enough into your goals, plans, or actions.

It may be necessary, too, to simply stand back and watch—possibly even witness—how the energies ebb and flow, ease or stagnate.

I should’ve informed you yesterday as to where Venus and Mars were moving, in tandem, particularly because Venus governs the Libra moon—but not to worry!—you didn’t really miss much… if you’ve been rising to your occasionality. 

wink wink

Today, however, I will oblige you—the Libra moon will begin applying a square to Venus and Mars later tonight, which will exact itself tomorrow morning…

Venus and Mars are currently moving within either side of the nineteenth degree of Capricorn, which is a lovely degree—one reminiscent of Libran influences of participation and collaboration; should you be reaching out to an/Other to join forces of one kind of another, you are likely experiencing something of a subconscious confrontation with or toward potentials of abundances—though, it is possible that these potentials will involve moral tests with conscience and/or beliefs…

Ultimately, today’s energies are asking you to navigate them delicately and gracefully, with kindness and sensitivity, balance, prudence, and authoritative reinforcement… collaborative integration is key—and a much more attractive alternative to subordination.

Through integration—both inner and outer—through true integrated grace—there are solutions to be found… 

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.❞
——Alexander Pope

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @julienpacaud

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