Scorpio Disseminating Moon
—February 21

The lunarly governance moves from Venus to Mars, both of which continue moving through the twentieth degree of Capricorn… tomorrow, however, they move into the twenty-first degree—and bam!—it changes everything.

That, and the itsy bitsy tiny detail that Mars is now governing the moon’s moods and moves… not Venus.

Venus, especially through a Libra moon, prefers smooth exchanges and ease, and most of all, loves to please—and with Venus currently moving through Capricorn in conjunction to Mars—Venus needs to focus upon a target (of exchange) and begin securing its ease of inevitability… though Mars cares little for others’preferences, and while moving through Capricorn—needs to strategize for success, despite the risks, costs, or feelings punctured in the process.

However—through this process, this lunarly ruling pass-off between Venus and Mars, from Libra to Scorpio—there may be a lingering feeling intensifying from within… a reflectively reflecting reflection of sorts—reflecting back at you, from yourself and your own inner reflections.

Yea… contemplate this for a moment.

Really, perhaps no longer do you feel an imbalance—but now there could be a sensation of frustration stemming from an emerging power/control dynamic… or, at the very least, an inner start/stop mechanism from within your own psyche causing you to question your own motives.

And, because the moon is in Scorpio now—looking deeper within yourself is kinda required, whether you’re in to it or not… as well as asking yourself what’s honestly and really beneath the surface of whatever it is you’re navigating—whether you want to look directly at it and confront it or not.

And, because the Scorpio moon connects to the sun, it may begin to dawn on you that “your situation may require a fresh attitude in order to create room for new developments and a renewed sense of vitality… [otherwise] you may be feeling a sense of loneliness and[/or] alienation.”

And, because the Scorpio moon squares Mercury, these questions (to ask yourself) could be hauntingly effective—

When I look deeply within myself, what do I see?

When I look more closely at an/Other, what reflects back?

Am I being subjective or objective?

Are my wants or needs egoic in nature or heart-centered?

Am I evaluating what I see or feel from a superficial standpoint, or am I allowing myself to feel more deeply, and thereby more vulnerably and honestly?

Am I projecting what I feel subjectively onto an/Other inappropriately or unnecessarily?

And ultimately, what do I want or need others to see when they consider me?

And, finally, because the Scorpio moon applies an opposition to Uranus for most of the second half of the day, exact just after 9pm on the west coast*… it would behoove you to understand how powerful it will be to truly know your worth, that ‘having a strong sense of personal dignity’ is everything, always—but
particularly today.

Aristotle once stated that ‘dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them…’ in which he was referring not toward today’s trending ideas that we’re all golden and flawless and deserving, just because—that if we simply believe we’re worthy, we will be…

No, he was referring to dignity feeling consciously deserved from within when we’ve actually done something honorable to earn it.

Dignity is a value that creates irreplaceability.❞
——Immanuel Kant

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @seamlessoo

*9:10pm PST; 10:10pm MST; 11:10pm CST; 12:10am EST tomorrow

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
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