Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon at 5°17′
—February 23

Sagittarius energies, though particularly lunarly Sagittarian energies, are typically Artemisian in nature… in reference to the countless ways of considering any one thing, the myriad options many of us have today, and the elaborately complex manners in/by/through which we live, eat, work, play, love, and experience anything… Artemis, in regard to the mythology, defended fiercely these potentials.

Artemis, like a Sagittarian moon, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera shares, “requires space—anything that seems to tie [you] down to one dream, one ideal, one relationship, creates a fight-or-flight response.”

For Sagittarius, and this moon, ideals are possible adventures… and very often, not actually possible—simply knowingly chasing after the impossible is often what consumes most of the energy, time, or focus… though, Artemis embodied something of a paradox—for as much freedom as Artemis demanded, she held merely impossible standards for others to live up to, hastily and uncompromisingly judging one against an impossible personal ideal.

With Sagittarius, too (as with Pisces)—irrational emotion leads the way… never logic.

Allowing others to lead and live their own lives was not among one of Artemis’s targets… (see what I did there?!)

And there’s quite a bit of Artemisian theory involved here… I’ll choose, instead, to keep this post moving forward.

See, as a last quarter moon is designed to, something regarding your plans, your goals, your ideals, or your lifestyle is being provoked, (self-)critiqued, judged, or ostracized—and how you’re leading and living your life, in your own way, is potentially triggering something or someone… as Kaldera says, “in conflict with the opinion of others…” 

Another tidbit about Sagittarius—it’s always ‘right’ wink wink nudge nudge… or at least, needs to be.

The current conflict, then, through others, “may question, scorn, or reject entirely—this rejection is especially sharp when it comes from others who supposedly shared [your] beliefs up until the moment they began to question…” and this could have you feeling utterly without mercy, however irrationally, for anyone who doesn’t fulfill an impossible image of ideal… or toward anyone who simply disagrees with you.

Kaldera offers, as well, that these energies are “[not about] debate—it’s to challenge yourself and your beliefs, and to watch the reaction within.”

It’s that reaction within that is key.

The degree through which this lunarly event occurs associates itself, oddly enough, with ‘playing by the rules’…

Further, these energies “reflect a time when it is not necessarily the game that is important, but how it is played… you may find that integrity is vital now and your honesty and ability to ‘play by the rules of the game’ will reward you, even if there is some initial sacrifice…” such as admitting you may be wrong, or changing your perspectives for the overall ease of an/Other’s needs.

Expectations, should you have any, are demanding to be shared—as detrimental as expectations are—it is important that everyone be made aware, reminded, or updated… because, let’s be honest—the this moon squares the sun, in Pisces, there’s much to be misunderstood, misinterpreted, or miscommunicated.

Or, these energies could be enough for you to take a precious pause and review your own opinions, perspectives, plans, goals, or ideals in an effort to irrationally feel (or, hopefully, rather, logically think) them through—to decide whether or not they’re current, accurate, peer-reviewed, true, honest, resolving, intelligent… or possible.

This pause, should you decide to take one—may it open you to new ideas…

Today’s last quarter moon occurs within the first decan of Sagittarius, which astrologer Austin Coppock suggests represents ‘the speed of an idea or vision, the velocity of imagination…’

This lunarly event is thereby represented by the 8 of Wands in the tarot, which a card associated with moving forward… further, this card seems to be bolstered with propelling high-level energy—though it is suggested that these energies are embraced ‘with the flow’, as opposed to manically, and definitely not recommended to resist or avoid.

This propellent feel, then, is in an effort to move you closer to your goals, or plans, ideals, or whatever—despite these being analyzed, compromised, questioned, or criticized… 

This card, too, associates itself with having a more mindful focus of intention, which should serve you as you work to challenge yourself, or be challenged… and today’s moon will move beyond its square with the sun to connect with Chiron by trine, suggesting further that as you challenge yourself, or remain open to being challenged—that this will, ultimately, eventually, be a healing process.

Self-confrontation at its finest… it’s most confrontational.

Perhaps you’ll struggle with yourself for not fulfilling your own impossible standards?

Still, back to this ending note upon healing—a healing process, in its authenticity, requires the very real and uncompromising processing of the poison before applying the relieving antidote… if you’re open to being honest with yourself about the why of what you think and how you feel, as well as being open to becoming as clear as is necessary at this time toward exactly what is possible…

And maybe even forsake what simply isn’t.

Happiness was never important—the problem is that we don’t know what we really want. What makes us happy is not to get what we want—but to dream about it. Happiness is for opportunists.❞
——Slavoj Zizek 

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 unknown

☽♐︎ by 5:29am PST; 6:29am MST; 7:29am CST; 8:29am EST

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