Aquarius Balsamic Moon
—February 28

Something of an eerie calm before a very strategically scheduled storm…

Is there an electricity to be experienced, lingering in the air?

This may be one of those magical days when you feel personally capable of anything—when you can actually feel cosmically interconnected to the universe, and everything, all things, to All That Is… you may feel every fiber in your being, your blood surging through each and every vein, simultaneously—you may see through walls… I don’t know—it could happen.

Though, if I may suggest—try to envision through the walls you envision via ideals within the future rather than dwelling within the walls of What Is.

Expressing emotions could feel like too much… that there are no words to describe the ways you feel—that no one else has possibly ever felt like this, ever—as you may be feeling many feelings simultaneously, feeling thoughts even, and thinking feelings, and on and on… as if you’re electrified.

Or these energies may feel a bit strenuous, or psychically challenging, or possibly even somewhat defeating… it would depend, then, very much so, upon where your heart is… upon where you inherently believe your own walls are, and where your own limitations reside.

My point, essentially, is toward matters of vulnerability—perhaps you feel little today?—thinking yourself invulnerable may be quite powerful through these energies.

The moon will move to connect to Mercury, by conjunction, in Aquarius, through a degree that associates itself to ‘learning to let down barriers; having the mental discipline to hold fear, greed, and lust at bay within oneself, so [you] can meet them without fear in the outside world versus projecting [your] own lusts onto others…’

Then, later, the moon will connect to Saturn—to secure or solidify your thoughts, envisions, imaginings, and/or ideals—within a degree that associates itself to ‘confident self-projection; creative and living into a personal myth; exceptional power of visualization; jaunty confidence in one’s ability to handle any situation, no matter how dangerous; changing reality according to what one visualizes as true; and using the mental will to hold together a certain picture of reality…’

Today could be a very powerful day, indeed… do yourself a solid and envision the possibility of your ideals, in a most innovatively realistic way—instead of exaggerating that which remains seemingly impossible… 

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars move at opposite arc minutes of the twenty-sixth degree of Capricorn, a degree that represents Maya—the ‘epiphanic moments where one calms the mind and experiences oneself fully…’ which would further suggest, much more—support, the rising above yourself and your current circumstances in a somewhat magically envisioned effort toward What Could Be—and if you’re willing to participate within the maintenance of this balancing: What Will Be.

As electrifying as today may prove to be for you, I would consider it, too, to be equally as lightening… (see what I did there?!—lightning)

Should you need reassurances—trust how you feel…

If you feel lighter, you’re likely on to something and if you feel heavier than ever—you may want to reconsider some of your ways.

What’s the success you think success will bring you? Go after the after-success, first.
——Richie Norton

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @maggyback

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