Aquarius/Pisces Balsamic Moon
—March 1

Continuing through the scheduled storm… 

Though, the lightning and thunder bolts of genius and revelatory insights will likely subside as the moon moves from Aquarius and into Pisces, where the highly irrational intuitions morph into an ocean of water surrounding you, swallowing you, consuming you…

I have been summing it up—when I consider these current energies, and pulses, and all these flurrious frequencies—to riding a wave… 

Riding this metaphorical wave can be quite thrilling, and empowering, supportive even, seemingly easy, and simultaneously, a little frightening—because you know, as waves naturally operate, a wave eventually meets the shore… and what the shore has to offer varies from shore to shore, from coast to coast.

And, particularly today—once the moon moves into Pisces it begins applying the sun for tomorrow’s new moon, thereby, these energies could inspire an easy, peaceful flowing vibration, if not an entirely numbing, zombied, entranced kinda feeling…

Well, more specifically, feelings that you feel when riding a wave—you just sort of go with it.

Still, as easy-going as Piscean energies are—a lot of the time—portrayed, these nebulously contrary inner energies can be quite resisting… though, this resistance, however resistant, is more like how water ‘resists’ flowing uphill. I suppose what I’m trying to suggest is that should you choose to resist riding the metaphorical wave—it might feel something similar to surfing, as opposed to floating.

But who I am to say?!—I’ve never surfed, lol—but I can imagine the differences… such as the differences between a prophet and a mystic: one ‘knows’, and the other knows.

On a separate note—Mercury is applying a conjunction to Saturn, exact on March 2nd at 18°59′ Aquarius, a degree that associates itself, largely, more or less, to leveling up; in consciousness or otherwise.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are still moving through opposite ends of the twenty-sixth degree of Capricorn, passing Vesta, which remains within the twenty-fifth degree, and are currently applying separate conjunctions to Pluto, currently at 27°48’…

Mars will conjoin Pluto at 27°50′ just after midnight on March 3rd, and Venus will catch up in conjunction at 27°51′ later that night.

Several significant details upon this point—first of all, this is the last time Mars connects with Pluto, in conjunction, within Capricorn; the next Mars/Pluto conjunction is on February 13, 2024 at 0°46′ Aquarius… second, this upcoming conjunction occurs upon a degree which Mars is, shall we say: extra exalted.

So, I would imagine that Mars-type influences and impulses will very much aggressively and loudly dominate over Venusian interests and investments, to say the least, however strategically, however rationally uneffected…

How is this Venus/Mars/Pluto dynamic playing out or manifesting in your personal reality?—it might be worth your time to ponder, because this phase of the cycle could become interesting—not to mention, neither Venus or Mars have any power or influence in Aquarius, much less—planetary entitlements, which is where all of this Venus/Mars interchange ends up, especially with Saturn still reigning in Aquarius…

In other words, what’s currently representing Venus for you, personally?—and Mars? And how are these ending—or being finalized, eliminated, feeling threatened, or becoming obsolete within your personal reality? And, perhaps most importantly—how are you nurturing these endings or conclusions?—or are you resisting or denying them?

And the sun is applying its annual conjunction to Jupiter, exact on March 5th at 14°59′ Pisces… this degree suggests much more focus will need to be applied to the problem—like, a lot more focus… things have become much too blurry… possibly within denial.

Finally, on March 6th, Vesta will connect to Pluto by conjunction at 27°55’… your inner ‘rightness’ could potentially unravel, particularly if you’re seeking or needing to be ‘right’, or in control in some way—whereas an authentically deep, deep and deeply silent inner knowing could prevail if you’re experiencing the flow of the wave….

Again—in coming around, full circle—the difference between ‘knowing’ and knowing is potently real…

I tried to discover, in the rumor of forests and waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony.❞
——Gustave Flauber

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🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 unknown

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