Pisces New Moon at 12°07′
—March 2

Simply and easily—this new moon is represented by the 9 of cups in the tarot, which is a card that is notoriously known as the card of happiness.

Further, the Pisces new moon is a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls the Dreamer’s Moon, a moon associated with dreaming—and perhaps more significantly—with believing.

These energies are symbolically, and perhaps quite figuratively and literally, resemblant to what John Lennon imagined… the degree through which this new moon occurs is a degree that asks of you, asks of us all: are your dreams influenced toward peace?

This degree associates itself to ‘putting down the sword…’

In other words, “it’s time to lay down one’s sword, not in order to necessarily surrender, but to stop ‘the warring’… perhaps this pictures someone who doesn’t know when to give up taking others on and fighting—it’s time to give up the battling, to aim now for more peaceful solutions.”

Further, “there may have been a lot learned in the ‘battles’ you’ve experienced, but the thing that’s best learned is that continuing to fight may lead to a bitter end, with no one bring a true winner…”

Just how long can you defend yourself? And what, exactly, are you defending yourself against? (perhaps, peace and harmony?)

Ultimately, this lunarly new moon is trying to announce, advocate, and amend a ‘higher harmony’… and, through the second decan of Pisces, astrologer Austin Coppock states it’s an opportunity to “reconcile beliefs, ideals and the way things are… and the result of an inability to reconcile one with the other, will, however, yield the inverse [of happiness]—misery, the state of one for whom there is no harmony between their inner and outer.”

In an effort to go full circle, as Piscean energies are wont to do… the 9 of cups in the tarot represents harmony, happiness, emotional fulfillment, and contentment—this card, unfortunately, is often known for, or thought of, as the ‘wish card’, as if simply making a wish for the wonderful abundances this card associates itself with is all it takes to welcome, invite, open to, or receive… more likely and much more probable—this card should remind you to feel and honor gratitude.

Perhaps more importantly, through both this moon’s energies and the tarot associated with these energies—

Tarot reader Theresa Reed suggests, of this card, to consider “a time when a wish came true—how did you feel?” even Reed asks, additionally—what steps did you take to make this happen? Reed supports that this card suggests that your ‘proverbial ducks are in a row‘, and that you need to “focus and [do] your part.”

This is how real magic works, yes!?

Contrarily, tarot reader Jessa Crispin writes that this card is the “card of the spinster… not the sad, eternally tormented kind of spinster, but rather the spinsters who have their own bank account and travel the world unencumbered… because [this card] is all about finding satisfaction all on your own.”

Further, Crispin suggests that when this card emerges, “it’s a sign that one has to achieve a kind of critical eye, to be able to scan one’s own work and see not only any weaknesses but also its good points… being satisfied with your own work means that you know how to listen to outside opinions but also know when they should be disregarded—it makes you steadier in your aim and truer to your own self.”

This metaphorical wave I’ve been referring to—this wave, and all of its currents and frequencies, revelations and insights—this wave, essentially, represents harmony, it represents this 9 of cups mentality… and harmony, truly, is what we’re all so desperately seeking, these wishes of ours; the understanding, then, is toward an effort to try to reconcile the outer chaos… with the chaos of What Is Within.

Finally, the 9 of cups—perhaps most significantly, most effectively—should refer more to actually, and most clearly, knowing what it is you truly want.

What is it you actually want?—and more essentially, why?

What are you currently doing to nurture these wants and wishes?

Are you wants and wishes realistic?

Are you expecting extraordinary results through doing the same things you’ve always done?—how’s this working for you?

Are you actually expecting your wishes to fall upon your lap?—where is the logic in your thinking upon this point?

Perhaps ‘the sword’ associated through this lunarly degree represents your own personal burdens—and the burden it must be to not allow yourself, for whatever reason, to adjust your circumstances accordingly, to most effectively nurture your wants and wishes… to manually manifest them, oh so magically indeed.

That is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged—to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe and the totality of life in its mysterious, innate harmony.❞
——Hermann Hesse

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