Taurus Crescent Moon
—March 7

If you’re still getting your bearings from yesterday’s energies—you’re on to something…

Today’s moon squares Saturn through a degree that associates itself to ‘getting an overview of one’s situation; seeing the larger sweep; redirecting energies into a more productive path; and plotting one’s next moves…’ just to name a few—and so yesterday’s energetic emphases are very much still being illuminated, perhaps even more seriously and soberly now.

Continuing to focus upon your wider-yet horizons is key.

Perhaps preparing yourself for realistic divergences from the plan would be a securing duty for you to honor—to more dutifully acknowledge and regard, rather than setting it aside for your future self to deal with… it is very much a Now focused, and Now centered type of day today.

There could be a tendency to do just that—to bulldoze around something you’d rather not look at or deal with… or, there be an impulse within that propels you and has you wanting to take action and make decisions and do deals and rearrange all sorts of things—either of these frequencies are cautionary.

Allow yourself another day to simply be. To think. To feel. There is so much occurring, all around you, that you’ve yet to discover… take this time.

There is the chance that you’ll be tuned in to something—I get it, it’s absolutely possible… tune in, feel it, honor it in vibration and in your openness to receive it and feel it—but this signal will not demand any movement in action, only your awareness.

And for this—the only action necessary is to say ‘thank you’.

The untuned mind receives no signal from the universe…
——Michael Bassey Johnson

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 unknown

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