Taurus/Gemini Crescent Moon
—March 8

As I attempt to transcribe today’s energies I continue to conjure an image of a glass of muddied earthy water, swirling (or, black ink)… and, after time, and patience—all the blur settles to the bottom, leaving the water clear and still.

The lunarly energies today shift from earthy to airy midday here on the west coast* through the initiative crescent phase, suggesting that these swirling beginnings you’re putting so much effort toward embracing, too, are morphing from preparing and planning, toward a vastly wider array of space, and questions.

You likely have so many more questions now to accommodate the last several days worth of contemplation and envisioning.

The mud and moss, still swirling, need to finish settling through the clarity of questions becoming answered…

And space—space, both needing to be taken for yourself, as well as the space necessary within your mind’s eye to further envision and begin to zoom in closer and closer—is becoming more and more priceless by the day.

However. Space, and the ideas about it, may be a bit irritating for some of you…

Speaking of space…

Venus and Mars are now moving through the very foreign and alienated lands of Aquarius, equivalent to the desolately vast horizons of Mars, or the seemingly endless barrenness of the moon’s surface—things aren’t feeling secure, much less easy—there’s so much provocation of space now, and, though there is huge relief from Pluto’s grasp… Venus and Mars are now under Saturn’s thumb, and ever so slowly moving toward Saturn for an eventual and inevitable conjunction…

I wonder if you’ve been given a new direction?—either today, or yesterday…

I wonder if you’ve been newly informed of some new regulation, or timeline, or rule, or boundary, or whatever…

I wonder if you’ve recently learned of new enforcements, mandates, majorities, or parameters…

If that which you desire is literally being surrounded between a very harsh rock and a really hard place, and honed in on more closely and closely every day… what, exactly, is your new plan toward obtaining it?

It is likely that—if it didn’t already occur yesterday—today will offer you a glimpse of something valuable, a clarification or a new and valuable piece of information, or possibly even a new perspective that better serves you… 

It’s even possible that today is when the tainted water in your metaphorical glass begins to settle—and all the swirling subsides—and you begin to see clearly through the glass again… and maybe you won’t even need to conjure the ‘right’ or appropriate questions.

It just takes a little time… and your horizons begin to feel a little less far away.

Or maybe you will need to search for more or new answers.

Either way—the ongoing Venus/Mars movements are now asking you just how badly you really do want or need whatever it is you thought you wanted or needed.

Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.

☽♊︎ by 10:40am PST; 11:40am MST; 12:40pm CST; 1:40pm EST

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 unknown

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