Leo/Virgo Gibbous Moon —March 15

Continued reflections and personal quietude remain just as necessary, just as essential…

The moon squares the Nodes through a degree that associates to ‘total concentration’, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed of this degree, “it suggests a certain kind of ‘technique’, or at least an adequate means to reach an envisioned goal…”

Through this inner inward personal retreating exercise—have you been envisioning your goals and ideals?

Rudhyar states, specifically, “there can be no halfway measures if the goal is to be reached…”

It is possible, and completely probable, that at this point in time, in alignment to where you are within your envisioning, that—in a genuine effort to reach your goals and ideals, without any halfway hesitancies or haste—you will, again, as per Rudhyar, “need total independence from your surroundings and utter self-reliance.”

Further, “there can be a feeling of imbalance at the moment… some aspects of your life may be put on hold on favor of one central issue that has taken over…” and there could be misunderstandings—of yourself, or toward others.

As you navigate this precious place of pause, as you navigate your own (re)alignment and (re)centering and (re)grounding—it would be smart to acknowledge what’s up ahead and around the corner, astrologically speaking…

It’s likely that “your situation may already feel like an arduous journey, but there is still much further to go… expecting someone to be there to provide sustenance and revitalization can be a lot to ask—it can be a great sacrifice or burden—the important thing to remember is that this is a long and difficult journey, but whoever is doing it is purposely built for it and capable of achieving it…”

Further, “issues to do with self-sufficiency may arise—mental and emotional self-control are very necessary… it may look daunting and impossible…” but if you’re treating yourself with a determined care—anything is possible, yes!?

Further still, up ahead this week is the full moon in Virgo and in two weeks time is the Aries new moon, and celestial new year, on March 31st, also offering the Aquarius stellium—Venus and Mars surrounding Saturn—squaring the Nodes (with a last quarter moon in Capricorn in between)… 

I suppose this current (re)alignment and (re)centering and (re)grounding is trying to tell you that from here until April should be work, work, work, and then work a bit more—without expecting any results until April.

I suppose, further still, these current energies are taunting you… just how badly do you want what you think and feel you want and need?

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.❞
——Lou Holtz

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🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by taudalpoi

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