Libra/Scorpio Disseminating Moon
—March 20

Consciousness—and your awareness thereof… that’s what today offers, both energetically and celestially.

Today mostly feels like a building, and it is, planetarily speaking, for tomorrow’s lunarly application and exactitude within what will be a lunarly t-square activating force between a building fixed square between Mars—the moon’s current governing planet—and Uranus, exact March 22nd.

When Mars squares Uranus there is typically an underlying force or urgency to rebel, or break free, against any form of restriction…

The degree through which Mars will square Uranus—when this square exacts itself, the moon will be ingressing into Sagittarius, and its lunarly influencing will have waned a smidge—is a degree, in and of itself, that associates itself to building pressure, and to opening oneself to the pressures…

What sort of pressures are building within your reality?

What sort of awarenesses are you becoming more open to?

What sort of shifts or changes are you opening to?

Back to today, this degree today’s moon is aspecting through, specifically, about “conscious awareness and how we use this capacity to know and to transfer information from our mind to another mind through communication—we pass on the biological nature of knowledge through our genes, our conscious knowledge by teaching, our social knowledge by example and training…”

Continued, “it can be said that the knowledge of the universe is within us, but bringing this out into our consciousness is something that occurs over time and through effort; the most likely students are those who are constantly around us, can relate to our activities and are inspired by our history and love… students, as well as teachers, can pop up anywhere—especially when there’s a need for the information to be transferred…”

Finally, “there is more to wisdom than just knowing—in the end, it’s what is done with this knowledge that creates wisdom—it is through knowledge and understanding that we can bridge the gap between ourselves and others.”

Ultimately, the vibrations being offered today, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, are offering “a deep sense of conscious participation in, and commitment to, social processes which seek to bring to all men Truth and a greater life…”

Further, Rudhyar shares that “this ability [to participate in consciousness] far transcends instinct and biological mutations, based on consciousness, choice, will and self-sacrifice… it rests upon a deep feeling of the value of community; its use increases this feeling and entirely destroys the roots of loneliness.”

All of these transcriptions occur, and are inspired, before 9am here on the west coast… and for those of you living across the pond of the Atlantic—this is much of your day.

It is also the spring equinox, and the exact time the sun moves into Aries is 3:34pm PDT*, when the moon is still moving through 29°54′ Libra—the celestial new year and otherwise symbolism of new life and rebirth—a degree that supports the notion mentioned above, the notion that conveys wisdom being much more than book knowledge; a degree that associates to ‘predicting’ the future…

This year’s equinox energies express the echoes of differing everyday aspects, “combined to result in a truly wise outcome.”

Further, “there’s the ability to be able to pierce through appearances to see the inherent truth of a situation and bring abstract truths into reality… it can show concentration on questions of a philosophical nature—[though] constant thinking and talking about philosophical ideas or intellectualism can cause a strain…”

Again. As I mentioned yesterday—if you feel compelled to assign meaning to something, it must not mean much, or hold much true meaning as true meaning is never assigned… nor is it dwelled upon.

Then the moon moves into Scorpio.

And if you allow—the consciousness created or expanded through this Scorpio moon’s influences will be truly meaningful—wisdoms beyond definition or explanation are being offered, most unapologetically.

Four thousand volumes of metaphysics will not teach us what the soul is.

☽♏︎ by 8:44am PDT; 9:44am MDT; 10:44am CDT; 11:44am EDT
*☉♈︎ by 3:34pm PDT; 4:34pm MDT; 5:34pm CDT; 6:34pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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