Scorpio Disseminating Moon—March 21

The broadening of horizons, perspectives, planes of consciousness, and awarenesses—this can all be quite intense, especially when the moon is moving through Scorpio…

Wisdoms are definitely being offered—though, likely, for a price.

Naot so much monetarily—but squishy, as in the exposing of a vulnerability.

Be it a vulnerability you’re navigating, or a new truth, a cumbersome solution, a new or higher level of awareness, or a whimsically charged ideal turned a smidge impractical… today may offer you an intensity, a challenge, or a tension toward whichever one you’re experiencing—experiencing this a bit more intensely today…

Perhaps this intensity feels a bit experimental?—and may you embrace these irrational and aggravating feelings more creatively… and not destructively—as you could ever so easily be destructive; navigating this intensity creatively, however, will be a bit trickier.

Today is something of a riddle of a day—in that the energies are almost begging you to try something different, to be creative, to learn from the errors and the qualms, the frustration, and the puzzle… and through this open-mindedness, and should you be willing to participate in the creativity of it all—the ‘how’ or ‘why’ of it all should come to you.

But not without its obstacles.

Remember that the Mars/Uranus square is still building, to be exact tomorrow, and thereby at its most heightened and outrageously intense.

Remember, too, that this particular Mars/Uranus square is about opening yourself to the experience, and opening to the vitality of it all…

Maybe treat today as a precious pause… you’ll know, or feel, more tomorrow.

Later, the day ends as the moon moves to square Saturn, finishing all of the lunarly squares for the day, suggesting further that you could potentially and actually broaden even the most beloved of your boundaries or personal parameters… that you can actually expand or improve your own patterning—but not without paying its prices, of course.

Saturn demands a different payment than does Mars… and this payment will demand your patience—for all of this future-oriented growth and personal evolution…

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.❞ ——Charles Dickens

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by residues.of.thought

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