Scorpio/Sagittarius Disseminating Moon
—March 22

For the morning hours, today, the moon remains in Scorpio and moving through the later degrees, connecting thereby to Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune, in Pisces, as well as connecting to the South Node in conjunction—simultaneously opposing the North Node—before moving into Sagittarius.

So I’ve set the scene…

Through this morning/midday Scorpio moon, I’m provoked to quote something Zora Neale Hurston once said of happiness, that “happiness is nothing but everyday living seen through a veil…”

And so the squish within you that’s been put ‘under the test’ so to speak, particularly in reference to yesterday’s post—this squish, and its consequential influencing is now, if it hasn’t already been naturally revealed or intentionally exposed, is now under the test of ‘pulling back the curtains’ as one would experience when coming back on stage for an encore, or to take three final bow of gratitude… the pulling back of the curtain is in an effort to see clearly—whereas, since now you’ve likely been viewing everything as if from behind a veil.

There is a particular potential within you that isn’t being taken seriously, either by yourself or an/Other, and so this deserves a bow—but first, of course, it needs to be revealed… otherwise, no one would/will ever know.

Further, “to enter into these new realms—you will have to muster intuitive faith and overcome any fears… all sorts of new possibilities and opportunities are before you.”

And there’s nothing more effective for working through any fears them a Scorpio moon.

This intensely charged vulnerability could also have an ‘emotional responsiveness’ or ‘a sensitivity to the emotional environment’, particularly one you might want to share or express with others…

Still, happily, the insights and realizations, awarenesses and expansions of consciousness continue to illuminate you… though, now, it is something of a personal obligation upon you to share these with those around you—because, if you didn’t share these, what would you do with these?!


Be careful how you share—and there could be some miscommunication or misinterpretation or misunderstanding… there may be the need to “to be thoughtfully discriminating about what’s actually being said as blindly accepting toward what’s actually being imparted can lead to a loss of mindset.”

Then the moon moves into Sagittarius…

Piggybacking upon a more discriminating perspective, even despite a lightening shift of lunarly influencing, from Scorpio to Sagittarius, from a more critical discernment to a more optimistic openness—there may still “be a need to be very thoughtful and cautious about the moves you make and the risks that you are prepared to take…”

True to Sagittarian-style outlooks, “it’s important to take into account the wide picture and all the possible outcomes of any actions taken… impulsive acts with no forward planning will probably be risky and may lead to others taking advantage of the situation; the same can happen if you show your weak side—there can be a lot at stake here if you lose, but there may be much to be gained if you win.”

So, effective strategies and forward-thinking planning are key… though, this ‘curtain’ or ‘veil’ remains somewhat in between your vision and the clarity thereof…

Though, again, remember remember—being open to experiencing new experiences that would benefit you, however unfamiliar or unknown to you, is what the greater forces between Mars squaring Uranus is about… it only feels disruptive or eruptive.

Strategize your ideals and make audacious plans, and get your dots in alignment to begin connecting—it’s time.

Pull the curtain to the side.

Who’s not sat tense before his own heart’s curtain?
—— Rainer Maria Rilke

☽♐︎ by 11:59am PDT; 12:59pm MDT; 1:59pm CDT; 2:59pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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