Sagittarius Disseminating Moon—March 23

I’ve never met a ‘true’ or ‘archetypically authentic’ Sagittarius… to understand Sagittarius I’ve always needed to refer to the classics, to literature, or to the movies—where it is portrayed shamelessly and seemingly endlessly…

And what I mean by archetypically authentic, meaning the ‘textbook’ example thereof—even a most vaguely rudimentary example of Sagittarian energies, particularly with the sun in Sagittarius, but even the moon, or the rising…

What I’m trying to say, then, is that I’ve never met a Sagittarian in real life who is thoroughly living their celestial potential.

All of this being said, those with Venus in Sagittarius, however, typically understand what they’re working with… while those with Mars in Sagittarius might possibly be the most conflicted of all, especially if they lack a constructive outlet.

Then I learned more about Jupiter. But that’s another post.

Today’s energies involve idealism—voicing them, defiantly declaring them, trumpeting them…

How much more Sagittarian could you get?! Well… sort of.

Clearly realizing your ideals, more importantly, is what today’s really about, and this is something Sagittarian energies could behoove more of…

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar also emphasized the concept of ‘annunciation’, meaning ‘to announce’, from the Latin origins, ‘to make known’…

However, there is still a mighty notion toward caution.

The caution, perhaps, then, defines a circumstance where it is much more important to clarify and define, to take specificity seriously, and to understand the gravely dramatic difference between an ideal and a dream, between a goal and a hope… that hoping is mostly a projection, really, and mostly a large waste of valuable time.

The caution, specifically, is in not settling for less than your ideal simply because something else might be what’s currently available…

Further, it might “be necessary to take into account the reality of seasonal fluctuations… the importance of thinking about what will be needed or useful in the future, or at least making the best possible use of available materials to provide what is needed when it is needed.”

Ultimately—thinking ahead, as in forward thinking… this is very much the essence of today’s energies.

But perhaps even more so—today’s energies are challenging you to acknowledge potential.

I wonder, then, too, if the caution being forewarned is really in regard to not acknowledging potential?

While the moon is in Sagittarius, try to encompass your entire potential—as well as the potential your potential potentially has, and to examine your ideals in a more clarified, more discerningly, more critical manner.

Try to think ahead further, and further still, and more strategically, and to plan somewhat defensively… and to actually acknowledge what could be.

Try to understand the difference between an ideal and a dream… and the difference between what’s merely available—and what’s potentially possible.

Furthermore and ultimately, try to actualize these potentials, even in the smallest of ways… particularly you Sagittarians wink wink and maybe someday I’ll watch the documentary, haha

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.❞ ——Japanese proverb

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