Aquarius Balsamic Moon—March 27

Once again the moon squares Uranus, as it did back on February 28th—though this time the moon squares through the next degree as Uranus has moved a single degree within this time…

This degree bespeaks anticipation, according to astrologer Dane Rudhyar, and an awareness of cyclic processes, and so today is very much being influenced for advanced preparations.


There’s a glitch.

What preparing, exactly, would one anticipate?—and toward this I would incline to wherever Taurus governs your chart, as this is where Uranus is currently transiting for you… but to prepare for anything Uranian is possibly the definition of ridiculous, as it is precisely how Uranus doesn’t operate—which is why astrologers speak of its unpredictability.

Further, the moon moves on to connect to Mars in conjunction, illuminating the recent Mars/Uranus square from March 22nd… but because Mars has moved on to a later degree, a degree that not only perpetuates pre-planning and preparation—but protection, and it’s Mars, as this should need no further translation.

So I wonder if today will offer a bit of volatility in some capacity, particularly toward any circumstances from last week…

Furthermore, despite Mars having already separated from Uranus in square, today’s moon is illuminating its own lunarly square between the two, suggesting its own volatility of sorts… the type that asserts its own need for preparatory precautions—and, most pertinently, beckons you to ‘have the mental discipline to hold fear, greed, and lust at bay within [your] self, so [you] can meet them without fear in the outside world…’

Quick-loving hearts… may quickly loathe.❞ ——Elizabeth Barrett Browning

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by union_app

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