Pisces Balsamic Moon
—March 30

Much is to be felt today.

While transcribing ‘the signs’ for today’s forecast I even began to feel a bit—and then more and more so—refreshingly giddy…

The kind of giddy I feel when a Fleetwood Mac song comes on.

The kind of giddy, likely, many of us feel this time of year, when new ideas and notions are emerging and new experiences and potentials are beckoning, and new consciousness is begging to be embraced…

It’s, of course, still very much a Piscean balsamic moon—and even tomorrow’s new moon in Aries isn’t, quite contrarily to popular woo woo opinion, an auspicious day to set new goals or proclaim new intentions… though April 5th looks good.

Still, obviously, it largely depends upon what it is you’re wanting to begin… if you’re not needing something to last, hold, withstand, or endure—sure, go ahead and begin on the new moon; it’ll be exciting while it lasts!

But, nevertheless, there’s some kind of feeling of newness in the air—do you feel it!?

Do you feel the kind of giddy that goes with blooming possibilities and blossoming potentials?

I dwell in possibility…
——Emily Dickinson

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by residues.of.thought

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