Taurus Crescent Moon
—May 1

Are you in balance?

Are you in alignment?

More essentially, are you in alignment with the greater good, within the Whole, in rhythm with the clockworks, and in tandem with All That Is?

Perhaps, then, somewhat importantly, depending upon how you’ve answered the above questions—how do you appoint, prepare and secure your personal boundaries?

Again, depending upon how you’ve answered these questions—are your personal boundaries working for you?—or against you and your ideals or goals?

The materials of city planning are: sky, space, trees, steel and cement, in that order and that hierarchy.❞
——Le Corbusier

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by alksko


Taurus Solar Eclipse at 10°28′
—April 30

The moon moves to be in Taurus, and is thereby considered to be exalted in Taurus… but today is not a quotidian moon, nor is it your typical new moon—today’s moon is a Taurean solar eclipse.

This eclipse, of course, will inevitably shake up and/or rearrange and/or demand a necessary pivot within whatever house it occurs within your personal nativity—and this will be personal to you… however, regardless of where this celestial event occurs for you, it could manifest as through matters of comfort.

This eclipse will occur through a degree of Taurus that is associated with ‘patience and care; nurturing; and looking after small details to reap treasures later…’

This eclipse is also conjunct Uranus, only a few degrees away, and thereby both invests and invites potentials and possibilities that may seem impractical upon first glance… though improbabilities may be another story, indeed—it would depend upon your personal placements. Also, depending upon how much time you invest in or on yourself—it may be an impractical enough notion to “take time to nurture the physical self…” which this eclipse could nudge you toward.

Also, there may be a more severe need to listen to your body, and what it may be trying to tell you or alert you toward.

Taurean energies are all about embodying the physical—through nurturing and thoroughly enjoying the body, through touching, through loving, and maneuvering all the various sensations our skin and nerve endings can offer, and our heartbeats can pace through, and feeling truly a genuine sense of satisfaction, self-satisfaction, simply being within the protection of our own skin, and body, and selfhood.

Taurean energies are naturally protective, nurturing, and deliberate.

What are the ways that you can deliberately protect and nurture yourself?—think regeneratively motivated, as this is an eclipse, and thereby a time of endings and surrendering or otherwise releasing that which no longer holds any vitality…

What in your personal reality needs to be released so that something new or revived will have room to bloom?

Further, despite spring being marked calendarically in March, today’s Taurean blooms may feel more inspired by the sparks of the Uranian conjunction, but also through the Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurring simultaneously… literally ‘growing into your future’ is very much a part of today’s energies, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, ‘as the roots, so the flowers’…

To nurture and love yourself genuinely is to nurture and love everything around you, your entire environment, and All That Is.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs through a degree that represents ‘peak experiences’…

Further still, within this peak experience, there is very much a deliberate embodiment—to love and nurture (yourself, or anything) because (you, anything) require love and nurturing. Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of the second decan of Taurus, that “once planted, the matter must be attended to carefully and consistently—one cannot decide to water a plant when one chooses, nor can one make up for neglect by a double application of effort the next day… consistency and dedication must join fecundity and passion.”

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 6 of pentacles, which is associated with the second decan of Taurus, writes “when we don’t let ourselves be known, we make ourselves untouchable by those we care for… but it is two-way, dynamic, heart-to-heart touch that makes deep healing possible—after all, it was in deep connection that our oldest injuries were sustained, and so perhaps it is in deep connection that the roots of such wounds might be properly treated.”

Every nature needs nurture.❞
——Eche Agubata

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Aries/Taurus Balsamic Moon
—April 29

Tomorrow’s new moon awaits us, but not before the more assertive moon moves into a more passively comfortable Taurean grounding.

From a go-getter mentality to a maintenance mode… yet, we’re still within a balsamic phase, and so there is no actual go-getting, and there is no maintaining, exactly, as everything, at this point, is already beyond you or your control—there is only mentalities of envisioning and subliminal preparedness.

One thing you might try, through this last balsamic phase day, is ‘listen to [your] inner voice…’ and “to listen without personalizing this voice in a glamour-producing manner—it is the voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part, yet a significant part, for every not of the universal chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.”

Truly, whether “things are going well or not,” this can “be a time of at-one-ment or attunement…”

Notice cycles now…

Observe natural patterning…

Actually hear the music through the notes…

Actually listen to the lyrics…

Pull up a video on YouTube for Tibetan bowls… and really feel it.

Listen to your planets, within your own chart, and plan accordingly.

May you hit a chord that is in alignment to you…

Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres…
——The Divine Pymander

☽♉︎ by 5:18pm PDT; 6:18pm MDT; 7:18pm CDT; 8:18pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by vintagelart

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Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 28

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that the Aries balsamic moon is a moon “for strategy and tactics, for planning the attack rather than battling on the front lines…”

Because it’s a balsamic moon—we’re not actually doing anything, but rather, considering the doing.

All of yesterday’s energetic and etheric bounty—essential, though entirely envisioned—today is about potential: seeking it, recognizing it, acknowledging it, working with it, and radiating it.

When can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

Where within your personal reality can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials—despite potential setbacks or obstacles or challenges?

In what ways can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

An Aries moon needs to seek out toward the potentials, toward what is possible, toward what needs to be proven, to be birthed, to be realized—and today’s Aries moon runs into Chiron in conjunction through a degree that associates itself with ‘realizing polarity’, and so with that, the potentials that you challenge yourself with may be ‘enticing; alluring; revealing; tempting; or relating—based on control…’

However, please understand that ‘enticing’ or ‘alluring’, when dealing with the moon upon Chiron, is more of a victimization or manipulation, or a brokenness used, or a power dynamic misused or abused… or, more constructively, as something being destroyed in an effort to be renewed or transformed.

Is it possible—should today’s energies not manifest themselves so extremely—that you simply need to prepare to assess your personal inhibitions or vulnerabilities in regard to eventually asserting yourself toward your potentials?

Potential has a shelf life.❞
——Margaret Atwood

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by _.lunatico._

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Pisces/Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 27

Continued reckoning today, from yesterday—energetic, etheric, and essential reckoning…

The moon moves through the final degrees of Pisces through the morning, connecting with Jupiter in conjunction quite early, and moves into Aries* to begin the day on the west coast, and by noon on the east coast, and moving without aspecting through the rest of the day.

The morning, then, may feel mighty, full, harvested, and fertile for possibility and potential—new opportunities may be blooming, or you may be experiencing a full peak in whatever it is you’ve been working on or toward—the bounty of what you’re capable of is becoming more and more clear, recognizable, and perhaps visibly palpable.

Especially as the moon forges forward into Aries, and the day’s energies grow more and more forceful and impatiently forward-feeling—it’s important to ‘keep your personal goals clearly before your mind’s eye; stay on course, undistracted by society’s enticements and threats; and penetrate insight into the human heart.’

Tomorrow will be a new day… though it may present its issues.

Today—know exactly where you’re going, and why you’re heading in that direction.

Everything you have contact with will be woven into your garden.
——Kathy Stinson

*☽♈︎ by 9:10am PDT; 10:10am MDT; 11:10am CDT; 12:10pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by amalita_

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Pisces Balsamic Moon
—April 26

Today should be much more magical than yesterday—though perhaps entirely upon a more subtle and etherically elevated vibration…

Today should, or could, illuminate what’s likely become, or becoming, something of a highlighted theme for you this month—illuminating the degree through which the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction occurred, a degree through which Venus now moves…

Today the moon will connect with both Venus and Neptune in conjunction, whine Venus and Neptune will be in their own conjunction tomorrow, and to Jupiter early tomorrow morning… it’s looking to feel much more comfortable than the previous several days, and feel much more dreamy.

Keep in mind, however, despite whatever comfortability you may be enjoying—that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, back on April 12th, represented both an elevation and a simultaneous surrender, or in other words: a gain and a loss, or an ease and a simultaneous dis-ease; where in your personal reality have you experienced an elevation, or promotion, or peak?, and where in your personal reality, however unrelatedly, have you experienced the need to release something, or surrender, let go, or adjust something? Today’s moon may re-illuminate these, and the implicit details of this may not be as comfy or dreamy for you… but more energetically minded or motivated.

Still, with the moon meeting Venus within this same degree, there will likely be an ease and/or adaptability to be enjoyed today.

However, the moon’s conjunction to Neptune—through the same degree Venus will meet Neptune through, in conjunction, tomorrow—this degree is all about release and letting go, of ‘cutting people off, throwing out things that don’t measure up, dismissals, and opting out…’ and so if you’ve yet to let something go that is no longer useful to you, or purge an attitude or perspective that is dis-eased, or release an old or destructive habit—this week may be the time.

This degree summons the underlying essence, in that “it is easy to lose sight of the ideal through the use of the rationalizing mind, the ego, security issues, or emotive passion… however, if someone has not lived up to their responsibilities on some level, often it’s best for the future, and one’s peace of mind, to be free of them—it may lead to a breakthrough in the understanding of where they’ve gone off the rails as well.”

Further, “sometimes there’s a need to get clearly out of the reach of people’s influence.”

Through these releases—there is potential to acknowledge the true and authentic nature of something, be it yourself or an/Other… to recognize the pure essence of what is within—before our mind and ego begin the protective process of tainting and altering the reality of whatever it is, and blurring all the lines of reality thereof…

The entire Universe is kept in place with laws and principles of nature that are capable of controlling our internal energies. When we develop a conscious understanding of these laws, we can recognize and acknowledge them in our surroundings, utilizing them to the best of our abilities.❞
——Heidi M. Morrison

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by midnightmoonvisuals

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
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Pisces Balsamic Moon
—April 25

It was Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus, otherwise known as Horace, who lived between 65-8 BC, in the time of Augustus, who introduced to us phrases such as:

Non omnis moriar (not everything dies); Ira furor brevis est: animum rege: qui nisi paret imperat (anger is a brief madness: govern your mind: for unless it obeys it commands) and Sapere aude (dare to be wise)… but perhaps most well known is Carpe diem—seize the day.

Today’s moon meets up with Mars in conjunction, and most naturally, the moon will feel more noticeably or aggressively excitable, and possibly, feel a need to seize the day…

However, this moon/Mars conjunction is occurring in Pisces, a sign in which Mars considerably loses much of its potency.

Additionally, it’s a Piscean balsamic moon—and so ‘seizing the day’ is definitely not for today. Or tomorrow.

Also, this conjunction occurs through a degree of Pisces that renders all of these details that much more debilitated.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree to represent “every superfluous ‘weight’, every unnecessary consideration is to be dismissed in the one-pointed attempt to reach one’s social goal…”

There is potential, today, to feel somewhat tied—and rendered helpless or powerless toward your goals, duties, errands, or chores… you may even find yourself, for whatever reason, unable to even carry out your job description—though Rome itself will need to be built, no exceptions!

How else can you more effectively navigate your day beyond the notion of seizing it, or beginning something somewhat haphazardly or without proper awareness of all the parameters or ramifications?

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera would suggest meditation… it is on this moon that “we pray, or meditate, or find some other way to experience All That Is…”

Kaldera writes that, on the Mystic’s Moon, “is the final moon in the final sign’s cycle, and as the last point it is fittingly the most nebulous—what can one say about a Mystic?—it is a path of devotion to something greater, not from a remote place where you scream into the void and hope someone hears, but from a place where the Beloved Mystery is right there with you, all the time, beautiful and terrible, familiar and unknowable… mostly they succeed in communicating, yet again, that what they do is not something that can be communicated—it must be experienced… and this is the ambivalent destiny of the Mystic.”

There may indeed be something you will (think you) need to accomplish today, or feel the need to rush through, or toward, or finish—but please first consider all the facts, all the details, all the potentials, all the alternatives, all the inevitables, and all the potential obstacles involved… please consider all the necessary groundwork to be thoroughly understood, processed, and organized—and to be actually initiated once the moon moves into Aries—on Wednesday, the 27th.

Still, this will likely be quite frustrating for you…

Today will ask you to ‘maintain a discipline over yourself; and discipline over your emotions and mind, having dominion of will over your desires…’ just as Horace would have recommended.

Ultimately, do what you’re able to do today—and that is enough.

My get-up-and-go musta got up and went…

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by morysetta

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Aquarius Balsamic Moon
—April 24

Whether it is through or toward your goals, ideals, or dreams, or if it’s merely a familial or social obligation or duty—there may be a new or lingering need or chore that you may, or, more likely, may not be too eager to tend to… however, it’s now your duty to do so.

In fact, “there is a need to develop responses above and beyond the normal expected level…” as you’re likely still feeling a bit alienated or displaced toward whatever it is you’re navigating…

There is a need (as well) to develop a new skill. Not so much an active training in action—but a subtle inner learning lesson.

It may, however, feel as though you’re efforts, time, or skills are being, or becoming, compromised in some way—this is to be avoided, of course, as is the ease in which you may take something on that isn’t yours, just to get around it or beyond it.

Also (un)natural manifestations through today’s energies could involve a smidge of victimhood—your own or an/Other—claiming certain (lacking) behaviors are a result of this, that, or the other… this, too, is less than acceptable—behavior can always be upgraded, and particularly today, should be given such efforts.

Whatever it is you’re navigating, there is a high likelihood of difficulty or delay—but also, whatever you’re navigating invites potentials for new realizations and possibilities… “by controlling your passions, and making conscious and wise decisions about your life, you can find an objective position that allows you to understand what’s happening…”

Further still, and perhaps most pertinently, today’s heaviest, and most loaded, lunarly degree asks of you: can you sublimate your thoughts, desires, and passions?—particularly toward your personal conquest of “going after more tangible, real or worthwhile spiritual or material concerns…”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree as “the constructive use to which difficult past experiences can be put as examples for those who are still striving to overcome their passions…” which sounds very born-again Christian-ie to me, though I think a more substantial depth is being offered here that easily surpasses again religious harassments; Rudhyar continues, that “every type of experience can be made to serve a spiritual purpose… every man or woman, however humble his or her status, can be an example to younger people who are still struggling—we are given a never-to-be-forgotten hint: it is the responsibility of anyone who has taken one step ahead in his evolution to help others to take that step. This is true education.”

Can you ‘live your truth’ while simultaneously letting go, or getting rid of, some of the luxuries you claim to be part of such truths?

Can you conquer your own base nature in a larger effort of conquering your overall ideals?

Can you, ultimately, be an example to others through your own upgraded actions?

Today’s moon is asking of you to do so.

Do or do not. There is no try.❞

🖋️by Jamie James; 📷 by leossenas

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Aquarius Last Quarter Moon at 3°19′
—April 23

Today’s last quarter moon is separating from Pluto, while Mercury is connecting to the North Node, and the Piscean stellium continues on… and so the truth needing to be spoken is derived from personal lessons and inner learning—which, in turn, lends its wisdoms to teaching and inspiration, and of course, compassion toward the underdog, as well as all of humanity.

Today’s Aquarius moon, specifically through its square to Uranus, needs to speak the truth—yours, and for the people…

Where, in your beingness, do you prefer to belong?

How do you best identify with your own divinity?

The degree through which today’s last quarter moon occurs is associated with ‘perceiving the divine in all people and channeling this energy into good works; breaking through emotional blockages that can result in physical problems; reestablishing a flow of pranic energy; having the courage to reach out to others; living out ideals; speaking to others from the heart; immersing oneself in life; wrestling with spiritual blockages; and responding passionately to life…’

Today’s energies might insist that you confront some of your fears, particularly through the stating of your truths… and, of course, this can be, potentially, somewhat painful, struggled, tense, or triggering. Which is where the necessary healing today’s energies collectively conjure comes to the celestial rescue.

Through these very personal, yet ridiculously humane, vulnerabilities and confrontations—today’s energies could very well present challenges involving, as astrologer Austin Coppock expresses through the first decan of Aquarius, “the mark of the eccentric, exile, the rebel, and the pioneer…”

What, within you, pinpoints or stems from your authenticity?—and is this, also, where your vulnerabilities lie?—or where your belongingness begins?

In what ways would you agree or disagree that you express the plight or highlight of an eccentric, an exile, a rebel, or a pioneer?

Today could also be a lonely day, as one could imagine—in reference to the above-mentioned descriptors, or even a day for which relationships are compromised, damaged, or entirely severed… especially if you decide to go it alone, whatever it is you may do—in your truth.

The 5 of swords in the tarot is the card associated with the first decan of Aquarius, a card which is also typically a card signaling trouble…

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 5 of swords, that “mythologist Martin Shaw has written, ‘bad storytellers make spells; great storytellers break them…’”

Dore writes that this card could interpret both victory or failure, depending upon your own individual wisdoms… “simply engaging with this card is an experiential lesson in the unique capacity of the intellect to make meaning out of not-yet-named things—there’s always an option to tell a more or less empowering version of a story.”

Continued, Dore writes, “when we go to a healer of any kind, we always bring a tale—usually that story has been pared down to a version that is succinct and oversimplified: the key points, the crux of the thing, the core complaints…”.

Where it gets really bold is when Dore confesses that “true healing depends on an understanding of the dynamic and contextual nature of our stories—when we make problems into elevator speeches, we’re choosing a psychic location for ourselves: ‘I am broken, I am damaged, I have been victimized’… if that stance is not one of agency or power, we start to see our lives through that perspective, and the brain’s confirmation bias excludes anything to the contrary: ‘I am broken and am blind to any evidence that I am whole; I am damaged and therefore cannot see physical proof that I am perfect in my complexities; I am a victim, I cannot see my power…’”

Finally, “in order to smooth out the texture of our stories—to make it easier for telling to ourselves or others—we conveniently omit perspectives that might complicate things… but don’t forget that the Fool’s journey is one of occupying the edges, where nothing is all this or that, all good or bad.”

The most successful people, popular or obscure, will tell you to fail, fail again, to fail harder—because it is through your failures, and your breaks from the mainstream, that you’ll learn the most and be open to the most potentials for inner growth.

Finally, finally, “and while you are never—and I repeat, never—required to frame a traumatic experience as an opportunity, you always, always, always have the option to tell a story that highlights your agency and power.”

I am not eccentric. It’s just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of catfish.❞
——Edith Sitwell

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷

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Capricorn Disseminating Moon
—April 22

Important and valuable lessons are available today. More so, if you insist on navigating old habits or mistakes in the same ways you’ve always navigated these—this isn’t helping you.

In fact, how you handle anything today is absolutely the essence of its energies—is the “objective, battle, or conflict really worth winning or pursuing?”

Internal intention is everything, always—particularly today.

Beyond your authentic intention, your inner knowing and ability to let go, release, sacrifice, surrender, and/or acquiesce is also essentially potent… if anything—something to ponder honestly.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed that, through this degree, that the essence was “the realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success…”

On the matter of pondering—thinking will definitely be involved today, and perhaps not only involved, but activated… especially as the moon connects to Mercury in Taurus—it could be pondered that anything you’re willing to let go, release, or acquiesce, much less surrender, could only be followed through on if the matter of consequence isn’t practical, polite, pragmatic, or paralleled in heart-centeredness.

And this is really the heart of it—despite all the thinking…

There will be reward, either immediately or eventually, to be found within any participation in heart-centeredness.

This degree, by aspecting, as well as the disseminating phase theme of Capricorn—today’s energies are very much about negotiations, alliances, transactions, strategic planning, objectivity, strength of character, competitions, hard decisions, reputations, obligations, and uncomfortability.

On the matter of uncomfortability—the moon also connects to Pluto in conjunction, through a degree that associates with ‘seeking guidance’ and ‘contemplative vision’, and also ‘clearing up fears and doubts by stilling the mind; struggling to achieve psychological integration by working through one’s thoughts and feelings…’

As I mentioned yesterday, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that, through this lunar phase, it is a good time to “do work that may be uncomfortable but that is duty-bound…”

C’est la vie.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.❞
——William Shakespeare

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by shesgotarebelheart

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