Gemini Crescent Moon
—April 6

When you’re being completely honest with yourself—how do you speak to yourself?—how do you speak to others?

A crescent moon in Gemini is all about communication—both verbal and nonverbal, communication with self as well as with others, and all of those silent physical cues, whether we’re aware of them or not…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that our “nonverbal signals are out-and-out advertising, messages we send in order to seem better (or, in some cases, worse) than we really are…”

Kaldera asks the reader, “how do we manipulate people’s perceptions of us?… if you have trouble with this, think about your behavior on a first date or a job interview… it’s also a good time to look at our own siblings or at people with whom we have sibling-type relationships, and examine those dynamics—how much are we thrilled when they are like us and disappointed when they are not?”

Further, Kaldera asks, “how often is our banter a cover-up for unspoken affection or resentment?”

So. With all of this said…

With the moon in Gemini, we naturally tend to become more vocal, more verbally pronounced, more audibly… voluminous.

Still. With this Gemini moon, it connects to the separating Mars/Saturn conjunction by trine, which, despite this being a more harmonious aspect, this degree remains associative to ‘teaching, safety, wanting room to move, resisting change, and the battle for survival…’

And then there’s the lunarly connection to the building Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, by square, a more inharmonious aspect, and this one is associated with ‘getting around difficult situations by making the most of them, or evading them, finding creative solutions, testing the boundaries, and considering consequences…’

But with this Gemini moon, it is much easier to lend yourself to being much more adroit, wildly alert, and so keenly aware.

These lunarly connections to two conjunctions—one separating and one building—simultaneously—suggest that your adroitness, alertness and awareness, particularly verbally, specifically toward that which you choose to communicate, lends itself to an active sense of responsibility…

Astrologer Renn Butler suggests that these energies hold the influence toward “instincts to step back and pause before acting out one’s feelings,” or, that which you choose to share aloud… because there is a heightened degree of probability toward “incremental catharsis of repressed emotional energies, and emotional grounding…”

Truly, a Gemini moon has much less grounding than other moons…

however, a Gemini moon has a higher probability—perhaps because of the lunarly lack of influenced groundedness—for change. And this capacity for change can make all the difference…

Maybe you’ll change the way you speak to yourself, or in how you speak to others… or maybe you’ll be able to somehow appropriately imagine, or presume, how you might be seen by others—and, determined by how this makes you feel—you’ll see the effective changes that you can easily make to shift this perspective to your advantage.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.❞
——Buckminster Fuller

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by pardonhitart

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