Cancer/Leo Gibbous Moon
—April 9

In reference to yesterday’s post, and its referencing of astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribing yesterday’s energies as ‘integrative’… today offers a continuation of this, however progressively.

The moon moves through the last degree of Cancer for most of the day, before moving into Leo in the evening on the west coast… and through these degrees, of course, the moon will make connections to the ever-building Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, to Mercury by square, and to Pluto by opposition.

As Rudhyar emphasizes, today’s energies will follow suit through “the focalization of complex inner potentialities…”

Rudhyar also speaks of a well-integrated modus vivendi, meaning—a specific way of life… or, at the very least, a specific technique—or at least to a problem of technique—in living.

What is your personal philosophy?—or, in other words, what is your personal, authentic technique in living?

How is your personal technique changing or evolving?

In what ways is your authentic technique in living serving you?

Sometimes, even changing the slightest thing—makes all the difference…

And further, as Jupiter continues to move ever closer to Neptune, to be in exact conjunction on April 12th—what are you willing to surrender or give up in exchange for a more personally inspired abundance (within whatever house this is occurring for you) toward your personally authentic technique in living?

Today’s lunarly square to Mercury will ask you to ask yourself if you’re truly being true to yourself… either by technique or by actual living in action—as well as by how you communicate, either verbally or nonverbally; the older-fashioned surreptitiously passive-aggressive ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra is no longer acceptable.

And, even if this mentality has been working for you—today it likely won’t, within whatever circumstance you’re experiencing, particularly because the moon’s square to Mercury shifts into an opposition with Pluto—bam!

The degree through which the moon connects to Pluto is one which associates itself with turning points…

This degree, as Rudhyar put it, describes “the intuitive weighing of alternatives…” which accumulates itself and reveals its vibrations toward “the pro and con operation of the mind when faced with a vital decision… what we see happening, at the very threshold of a new cycle, is an inner presentation of alternatives.”

And, with Pluto, always—for better or worse, indeed.

So, again—are your techniques for living working for you?

Though, perhaps much more importantly—are these techniques authentically yours?

You learn techniques to understand principles. When you understand the principles, you will create your own techniques.❞
——Alain Gehin

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by the_scissorhands_

☽♌︎ by 8:59pm PDT; 9:59pm MDT; 10:59pm CDT; 11:59pm EDT

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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