Virgo/Libra Gibbous Moon
—April 14

Tuesday’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is being illuminated by opposition today, early early in the morning on the west coast, while the moon moves through the last degrees of Virgo, before moving into Libra to aspect nothing…

I realize the woo woo community, as cheering and inspirational as it can be, doesn’t actually describe or demonstrate how to actually actualize your goals, or your dreams, much less your ideals… kindly allow me to inform you that it requires actual action on your part—no matter what—and no planetary alignment alone is capable of such personalized wonder or magic without your participation.

However. If you’ve been working your ass off toward an ideal, a goal, or a dream—it’s entirely different.


The degree through which this rare conjunction occurs suggests what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as “the need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.”

So again, if you’ve already been working toward an ideal, a goal, or a dream—I would imagine that you’re beginning to realize that sternly established and ‘centralized’ boundaries toward these would “give a specific character to [its] consciousness…”

Rudhyar explains that “within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the [ideal, etc] can operate constructively—in time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe…”

Still. There’s a trick, nevertheless… you must genuinely be in alignment with your ideal or goal or dream—timing is everything. As Rudhyar put it, “the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual—but this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole…”

And so there is a huge opportunity to be honest with yourself…

Are you doing everything you need to do to actualize your ideals?

Are you doing everything you could do to actualize your ideals?

Are you doing everything within your power and ability to create the reality you want to live within?

If you’re well on your way, introducing yourselves to your own personal ideals within your reality—in even the most mundane ways—and you’re beginning to see actual results, actual reflections, actual resonations, because you’re in alignment with your goals, your dreams, and your ideals… you’ve clearly been honest with yourself regarding limitations and boundaries.

If you’re struggling with your ideals, goals, or dreams—or failing to see results, reflections, or resonations—try being more genuinely honest with yourself, for yourself… you’ll see.

It might be essential to read between your own lines.

Entrepreneur Kristin S. Kaufman shares that “alignment begins with a constituency of one—these are the individuals whose substance is real, pure and nonnegotiable; they share their vulnerabilities and fears in complement to their strengths; they are comfortable weaving all parts of their lives together in an integrated way—our level of effectiveness, contribution and integrity of work and life are in direct correlation with our level of integration, self-actualization and total alignment fo body, mind and spirit…”

After the moon moves into Libra it will make no aspects to anything until tomorrow, which will be the likes of an opposition to Chiron… through which its influences will likely offer you a need for respite.

Perhaps within this need for some much needed, valuable alone time—perhaps this will offer you the time to be honest with yourself… or simply enjoy some down time, with no need for realignments.

Your sensuality reveals the quality of your energy.❞
——Lebo Grand

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by julianmajin

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