Libra Gibbous Moon
—April 15

Despite today’s lunarly opposition to Chiron—today might be a really lovely day for multiple reasons…

Perhaps it’s the lunarly opposition to Chiron that accentuates today’s loveliness.

The degree through which the moon opposes Chiron is associated with ‘knowing how to unwind; taking advantage of slack-time to compose oneself emotionally; respecting the rhythms of the body; tuning out unpleasant aspects of reality and tuning in to one’s own rhythm of life; trying to live out romantic or adventurous fantasies in real life; refusing to deal with reality on any terms other than one’s own; having a friendly, easygoing charm; and putting together a pleasant life for oneself…’

Today’s Libra moon is governed by Venus, and Venus is now co-present with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, though Mars has just moved into Pisces… which would suggest that the heavy amount of Piscean loveliness looming and lingering is being graced by Venusian charms and loveliness—though, however lovely and easing and calming and pacifying the Piscean influencing is, it’s still Mars, and Mars, naturally, strongly suggests a strong reaction or impulse.

With Mars—in Pisces—the reactions might look like passive aggressive tensions, or emotional/psychosomatic upsets, though the impulses might register as spiritual motivation or crisis management…

And you may notice how Chironic these may read…

So. For today…

Perhaps today’s lunarly opposition to Chiron may project a firm and motivated loveliness… and maybe any lingering or looming upsets, triggers, tensions, or otherwise—maybe you’ll be able to forge forward, into the loveliness’es being offered all around, and ‘tune out any and all unpleasant aspects of your reality and tune into your own rhythm of life…’ if only for today.

It’s lovely to live on a raft. We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made or only just happened…❞
——Mark Twain

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by tedslittledream

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.

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