Libra Full Moon at 26°46′
—April 16

Now today… today would be a good day to begin… a practice in balance.

Particularly, to begin practicing something creative, or, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, “an even better time to pick up creative projects put aside…” and it’s also a really auspicious time to express yourself—specifically, in front of others.

To express yourself in front of others, for yourself—in balance.

Venus governs this lunarly event and Venus is moving through Pisces, gaining momentum toward a conjunction with both Jupiter and Neptune at the end of the month—and with both Mars and Venus moving within Piscean waters, within all of the flowing ease and harmonious resolve—this full moon is very much about balance.

And not just your typical textbook Libran balancing issues.

For instance, all of the Piscean planets are quincunx to the moon, and thereby refer to a connection that is eccentric, which is to say irregular, peculiar, complicated, or unusual… in other words—the moon in Libra, despite Venusian rulership, doesn’t understand the overall Piscean motivations.

So again, learning to find balance…

A Libra moon definitely needs Venusian sentiments, but when a Libra moon is governed by an exalted Venus with the co-presense companionship to the likes of both Jupiter and Neptune, astrologer Renn Butler suggests that “confusions or deceptions [are likely], the potential for insincerity and shallowness, spiritual or aesthetic pretensions, projection of an excessively saccharine persona, of an overly whimsical way of being…” and that unless an inner sense of balance is sustained to compensate—these more negative and lazier frequencies are much more likely to emerge.

Don’t get me wrong, all the Piscean energies can be quite lovely if kept in perspective… still, let’s just say a Libran moon won’t exactly appreciate these energies for the whimsy.

Rather, a Libra moon would prefer to simply observe it. That, and everything else—especially that which clearly becomes unbalanced.

It might genuinely be essential for you to emotionally detach yourself from something—possibly even from yourself!, or from others—to rise above an emotionally complicated circumstance, or otherwise clear the path between yourself and the something that could potentially present an imbalance… but most essentially, today, is to acknowledge—and really recognize—the differences between avoidance and boundaries, to understand the inner dynamics within this new awareness.

And this may be where you’ll need to express yourself—rather than so easily observing—especially if you’re expressing yourself (in a new way) for the first time to an/Other… this may be where this full moon needs you to blossom, to begin—in the actual emotional engaging of personal dynamics with an/Other.

Kaldera writes that for the Libran moon the “need to be part of a couple is a deep, driving compulsion…” and so as much as the element of air demands an emotional detachment—the Venusian influencing demands emotional connection… always always, balance.

In most ways, Libra does understand Pisces—matters of harmony, resolution, ideals and peace… where they disconnect is within matters of boundary, fairness, and rules—and it may very well be within these dynamics that you seek out a balance in between.

If not a balancing act—an adjustment may be necessary for you within your personal reality regarding boundaries, fairness, and/or rules…

As astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, the degree through which this full moon occurs associates itself to “a consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life… the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level—through the use of his mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of other men, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.”

Today may also manifest opportunities for you to acknowledge and recognize the ‘overview; seeing the larger picture; shining a light on a situation; pointing out the facts that others are trying to ignore; seeing a way out of one’s current difficulties; trying to establish ideals of freedom, justice, and truth; promoting a higher level of consciousness; and imperturbable high-mindedness…’

This full moon in Libra occurs within the third decan of Libra, which astrologer Austin Coppock states “applies the principle of balance to a thousand small sets of scales, equilibriating movement through a chaotic universe…” and is thereby associated to the striving toward “rest from sorrow; yet after and through… relaxation of anxiety…” and is therefore representing the harsher reality that “its secret resides in the eye of the storm, calm and clear as the chaos of desire and fear whirl all about—yet this is a difficult set of contradictions to bear, and such a balancing act is more easily described than achieved.”

Balance… it would suggest, then, that you’re either struggling to rise above or needing to—or struggling to stay connected to something or someone when you really shouldn’t… or needing to pause.

The third decan of Libra associates itself to the 4 of swords in the tarot, and oh, is Libra its own double-edge…

Tarot writer Jessa Crispin writes that the 4 of Swords suggests rest. Further, “to keep things stable enough so that you’re not running yourself into the ground… a time for output and input… to conserve your resources accordingly.”

Tarot writer Jessica Dore reminds the reader that the swords, in tarot, are equivalent to air in astrology, and in that way, “a product of the thinking mind”, which would be: as opposed to the feeling mind, or a heart-centeredness—which would imply yet another imbalance…

Further, Dore unintentionally writes something resembling elemental air mingling with Pisces… that when we are beginning “a new relationship or some other journey that, at least at first, [feels] promising—it’s often not until we’re back home, alone with ourselves, that we can see with painful clarity the ways in which we have outsourced our own safety and care, or pawned off the tenderest parts of ourselves onto others…”

Continued, “earnest hopes that a new person or situation will finally give us the security or care we’ve always yearned for can be like a cloud that fogs our judgment, causing us to surrender responsibility for ourselves when we are meant to retain it—that particular type of haze can lead us to give too much of ourselves over to others in a way that is compulsive, reckless, against our better judgement, and in doing so, we might incur wounds not only to ourselves but to all involved…”

This is exactly the imbalance between Libra and Pisces—and thereby the disconnect, or eccentricity, between.

Finally, this full moon with the Aries sun, both square Pluto, adding an intensity and potential for transformation for this lunarly event and anything you begin throughout, though this alignment also creates a cardinal t-square with a planetary void in Cancer—suggesting a strong need either to nurture, or a need for nurturing, and this and only this will truly balance the overall energies, both within yourself and all around you.

Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.❞
——Marshall McLuhan

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by c_o_n_i_u

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