Scorpio Disseminating Moon
—April 17

Today is the last Scorpio disseminating moon until next year—next month it will only last a handful of hours—and so one more time, in a most lunarly inspired and/or motivated manner, your “attention turns to the outside world rather than her own darknesses…”

As shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states, “we confront what we would do—and how far we would go—if we were in a situation of powerlessness and oppression… if the option of magical power was open to you, how would you use it?”

Simultaneously, today’s moon makes two connections through the same degree, to both Venus and Uranus, through a degree that associates itself to “reflect an increase in the forms of communication that you can have access to, or in the amount of communications coming to you…”

Further, “you may find that there has been a failure in communicating your thoughts, ideas or emotions lately; something is being (or needs to be) done or laid down, in order to solve, repair or patch up the situation… there is nothing to be achieved by worrying about any recent connection failures, however something should be done to set about making or repairing the necessary lines of communication.”

Furthermore, “sometimes advice and help must be called on for all to be resolved—this may need to be expert advice, but it can also be gathered from your own common sense…”

Also essential today is the ‘setting up of attainable goals; getting from point A to point B (leaving things hanging); leaving behind a scene that is irremediably wrecked; and spiritual progress in spite of external conditions…’

And astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree as “the need to establish new channels of communication…” and this would definitely serve any Uranian impulses… “they are not only to be built, but to be used significantly and wisely.”

Further and finally, this degree “brings to our attention the essential value of communicating with our fellow men and even our close associates—with whom such a communication may not always be easy.”

Most significantly, today, overall, is gaining a genuine and meaningful comprehension.

I think that things happen in nature that we don’t altogether understand, and to call them ghosts is to make sure we will not understand. The best we can do is not to put a name to them, but to listen.❞
——Ursula K. Le Guin

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by graphic.custodian

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