Sagittarius/Capricorn Disseminating Moon
—April 20

Necessity calls.

Especially as the moon is moving toward Capricorn by the end of the day.

Most of the day, however, is lunarly influenced by a Sagittarian moon—one, particularly, aspecting the now separating Neptune/Jupiter conjunction, conjoined now by orb, by square…

Sagittarius and Pisces have a muchness in common, though, much of it is imbalanced toward harmful and/or pointless than it is constructively utilized, unfortunately, and so today’s moon may very well point some of these imbalances out.

Also, and perhaps somewhat conveniently/simultaneously, yesterday’s energies likely illuminated when, and in what ways, within your reality, you cling to your comfort zones—where you cling to safety, where you cling to what you’ve settled for—for whatever excuse you assigned.

Just as much as yesterday’s Scorpio/Sagittarius shift felt uncommonly unfamiliar—today’s Sagittarius/Capricorn shift will feel that much more pronounced… it’s time to get real.

Backing up a smidge, back to the Sagittarius moon squaring the Neptune/Jupiter presence in Pisces—the degree the moon illuminates now suggests what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as “the nobly accepted subservience to collective values and goals…”

This degree doesn’t so much associate to the concept of subservience as a helplessness, or powerlessness—but rather, toward the concept of very seriously taken personal duty to something large than oneself… and as it’s in between Sagittarius and Pisces—this looks something in between nomadic self-sacrifice and religious monastic devotion, especially with the planetary influencing of both Jupiter and Neptune involved…

So it’s essential for you to find something in between these crucial extremes—somewhere in between that’s authentic to you.

Again, what are you willing to surrender or release?

And then, in turn, what are you willing to declare?

However you’ve answered these two questions—are you experiencing obstacles or struggles between these, or within one?

Once the moon moves into Capricorn, much later in the night, the moon the nearly immediately connects to the sun by trine into the early hours of tomorrow morning… and this illumination highlights through a degree that is associated with ‘the need for repair’ and ‘seeking sanctuary’, and ‘feeling embattled’.

It is time to see the bigger picture—of your goals, your ideals, and your dreams.

One final question—did you ask yourself what your personal philosophies are yesterday, and if they’re working for you? Because once you are fully aware of what they are—necessity may likely call for you to stand firmly within what these need to stand for—and, it’s time to get real.

Nothing is coincidence in strategical perception.❞
——Toba Beta

☽♑︎ by 8:52pm PDT; 9:52pm MDT; 10:52pm CDT; 11:52pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by astroccult

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