Capricorn Disseminating Moon
—April 21

As I’ve mentioned many times before—just a friendly, dutiful reminder to you—if you’re appropriately ‘walking your planets’ the nearly immediate result to you is ease and effortlessness, and quite frequently, joy…

Whereas, if you’re struggling to appropriately walk any of your particular planets, you will consequently experience obstacles, delays, and disharmony toward whichever planet you’re failing to ‘walk’ and thereby whatever that planet represents, manifested, as a result of the maladjusted alignment.

For instance, astrology 101 confirms that—no matter who you are, no matter what you do—if you are not walking your moon and providing yourself lunarly needs, you will not feel fulfilled.

I don’t make the rules, these rules are ancient, before time itself…

There is no subjectivity subscribed within these rules.

Point blank—if you’re denying your lunarly needs, you will not be happy.

When a client comes to me and confesses an emptiness, a vague and wandering meaninglessness, a void, or a lack of joy—however subjective the moon may resemble itself to be, it is anything but—I look first to the natives moon.

It’s the reason I started writing for the moon originally—it is our routines, our preferences, our needs, and our baseline sanity… though, the moon also represents our irrational fears, and clinging safely within our secured comfort zones, for better or worse.

The moon can nurture us… or torture us.

Or, I should restate that—as its influencing is beyond us and should never be blamed for our inabilities—individually, we can either nurture ourselves, or torture ourselves… it’s endlessly up to us.

Regardless of where your own personal lunar placement falls—it has an aspectual relationship to where the moon is moving today… what that relationship is and your consequential contentment is largely up to you—and me, should you solicit my professional guidance—as the moon connects to everything else, in pattern, as everything continues to move, each month, round and round in pattern… it would behoove you to understand your monthly peaks and plummets—and today’s Capricorn moon, in its disseminating phase, should mean something personal to you.

What does this moon mean to you?—again, not your personally subjective opinion… but, by actual, rigidly objective, astrological technique?

Do you typically nurture yourself through a Capricorn moon, or torture yourself?—do you understand why?

How so, either way?

Today’s Capricorn moon, in its disseminating phase, is motivating your needs, your ideals, and your goals to disperse these varying responsibilities by priority of need…

Further, the degree today’s moon moves through on connection with an aspect to Chiron associates itself to ‘defining one’s terms and clarifying meaning’, and to Uranus, ‘bridging misunderstandings and working through fearful projections until one makes a connection…’ as well as ‘looking after responsibilities’.

And shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that it is through this moon that “we take a hard look at [our] needs in order to do better, and what work we are willing to do to achieve that goal… we also take a hard look at who we are willing to exclude because their presence would not give enough of a return to justify the work needed to sustain them—and we also look at the standards on which we base that decision; we should also take a hard look at our own reputations and at how that impacts our ability to function in the world—this is a moon for doing work that may be uncomfortable but that one is duty-bound…”

If you’re interested in understanding your natal chart more directly and realistically—message me—it’s your duty to know, and it’s my duty to explain it.

Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.❞
——George Washington

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cult.class

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