Pisces Balsamic Moon
—April 25

It was Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus, otherwise known as Horace, who lived between 65-8 BC, in the time of Augustus, who introduced to us phrases such as:

Non omnis moriar (not everything dies); Ira furor brevis est: animum rege: qui nisi paret imperat (anger is a brief madness: govern your mind: for unless it obeys it commands) and Sapere aude (dare to be wise)… but perhaps most well known is Carpe diem—seize the day.

Today’s moon meets up with Mars in conjunction, and most naturally, the moon will feel more noticeably or aggressively excitable, and possibly, feel a need to seize the day…

However, this moon/Mars conjunction is occurring in Pisces, a sign in which Mars considerably loses much of its potency.

Additionally, it’s a Piscean balsamic moon—and so ‘seizing the day’ is definitely not for today. Or tomorrow.

Also, this conjunction occurs through a degree of Pisces that renders all of these details that much more debilitated.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree to represent “every superfluous ‘weight’, every unnecessary consideration is to be dismissed in the one-pointed attempt to reach one’s social goal…”

There is potential, today, to feel somewhat tied—and rendered helpless or powerless toward your goals, duties, errands, or chores… you may even find yourself, for whatever reason, unable to even carry out your job description—though Rome itself will need to be built, no exceptions!

How else can you more effectively navigate your day beyond the notion of seizing it, or beginning something somewhat haphazardly or without proper awareness of all the parameters or ramifications?

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera would suggest meditation… it is on this moon that “we pray, or meditate, or find some other way to experience All That Is…”

Kaldera writes that, on the Mystic’s Moon, “is the final moon in the final sign’s cycle, and as the last point it is fittingly the most nebulous—what can one say about a Mystic?—it is a path of devotion to something greater, not from a remote place where you scream into the void and hope someone hears, but from a place where the Beloved Mystery is right there with you, all the time, beautiful and terrible, familiar and unknowable… mostly they succeed in communicating, yet again, that what they do is not something that can be communicated—it must be experienced… and this is the ambivalent destiny of the Mystic.”

There may indeed be something you will (think you) need to accomplish today, or feel the need to rush through, or toward, or finish—but please first consider all the facts, all the details, all the potentials, all the alternatives, all the inevitables, and all the potential obstacles involved… please consider all the necessary groundwork to be thoroughly understood, processed, and organized—and to be actually initiated once the moon moves into Aries—on Wednesday, the 27th.

Still, this will likely be quite frustrating for you…

Today will ask you to ‘maintain a discipline over yourself; and discipline over your emotions and mind, having dominion of will over your desires…’ just as Horace would have recommended.

Ultimately, do what you’re able to do today—and that is enough.

My get-up-and-go musta got up and went…

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by morysetta

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