Pisces Balsamic Moon
—April 26

Today should be much more magical than yesterday—though perhaps entirely upon a more subtle and etherically elevated vibration…

Today should, or could, illuminate what’s likely become, or becoming, something of a highlighted theme for you this month—illuminating the degree through which the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction occurred, a degree through which Venus now moves…

Today the moon will connect with both Venus and Neptune in conjunction, whine Venus and Neptune will be in their own conjunction tomorrow, and to Jupiter early tomorrow morning… it’s looking to feel much more comfortable than the previous several days, and feel much more dreamy.

Keep in mind, however, despite whatever comfortability you may be enjoying—that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, back on April 12th, represented both an elevation and a simultaneous surrender, or in other words: a gain and a loss, or an ease and a simultaneous dis-ease; where in your personal reality have you experienced an elevation, or promotion, or peak?, and where in your personal reality, however unrelatedly, have you experienced the need to release something, or surrender, let go, or adjust something? Today’s moon may re-illuminate these, and the implicit details of this may not be as comfy or dreamy for you… but more energetically minded or motivated.

Still, with the moon meeting Venus within this same degree, there will likely be an ease and/or adaptability to be enjoyed today.

However, the moon’s conjunction to Neptune—through the same degree Venus will meet Neptune through, in conjunction, tomorrow—this degree is all about release and letting go, of ‘cutting people off, throwing out things that don’t measure up, dismissals, and opting out…’ and so if you’ve yet to let something go that is no longer useful to you, or purge an attitude or perspective that is dis-eased, or release an old or destructive habit—this week may be the time.

This degree summons the underlying essence, in that “it is easy to lose sight of the ideal through the use of the rationalizing mind, the ego, security issues, or emotive passion… however, if someone has not lived up to their responsibilities on some level, often it’s best for the future, and one’s peace of mind, to be free of them—it may lead to a breakthrough in the understanding of where they’ve gone off the rails as well.”

Further, “sometimes there’s a need to get clearly out of the reach of people’s influence.”

Through these releases—there is potential to acknowledge the true and authentic nature of something, be it yourself or an/Other… to recognize the pure essence of what is within—before our mind and ego begin the protective process of tainting and altering the reality of whatever it is, and blurring all the lines of reality thereof…

The entire Universe is kept in place with laws and principles of nature that are capable of controlling our internal energies. When we develop a conscious understanding of these laws, we can recognize and acknowledge them in our surroundings, utilizing them to the best of our abilities.❞
——Heidi M. Morrison

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by midnightmoonvisuals

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