Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 28

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that the Aries balsamic moon is a moon “for strategy and tactics, for planning the attack rather than battling on the front lines…”

Because it’s a balsamic moon—we’re not actually doing anything, but rather, considering the doing.

All of yesterday’s energetic and etheric bounty—essential, though entirely envisioned—today is about potential: seeking it, recognizing it, acknowledging it, working with it, and radiating it.

When can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

Where within your personal reality can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials—despite potential setbacks or obstacles or challenges?

In what ways can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

An Aries moon needs to seek out toward the potentials, toward what is possible, toward what needs to be proven, to be birthed, to be realized—and today’s Aries moon runs into Chiron in conjunction through a degree that associates itself with ‘realizing polarity’, and so with that, the potentials that you challenge yourself with may be ‘enticing; alluring; revealing; tempting; or relating—based on control…’

However, please understand that ‘enticing’ or ‘alluring’, when dealing with the moon upon Chiron, is more of a victimization or manipulation, or a brokenness used, or a power dynamic misused or abused… or, more constructively, as something being destroyed in an effort to be renewed or transformed.

Is it possible—should today’s energies not manifest themselves so extremely—that you simply need to prepare to assess your personal inhibitions or vulnerabilities in regard to eventually asserting yourself toward your potentials?

Potential has a shelf life.❞
——Margaret Atwood

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by _.lunatico._

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