Taurus Solar Eclipse at 10°28′
—April 30

The moon moves to be in Taurus, and is thereby considered to be exalted in Taurus… but today is not a quotidian moon, nor is it your typical new moon—today’s moon is a Taurean solar eclipse.

This eclipse, of course, will inevitably shake up and/or rearrange and/or demand a necessary pivot within whatever house it occurs within your personal nativity—and this will be personal to you… however, regardless of where this celestial event occurs for you, it could manifest as through matters of comfort.

This eclipse will occur through a degree of Taurus that is associated with ‘patience and care; nurturing; and looking after small details to reap treasures later…’

This eclipse is also conjunct Uranus, only a few degrees away, and thereby both invests and invites potentials and possibilities that may seem impractical upon first glance… though improbabilities may be another story, indeed—it would depend upon your personal placements. Also, depending upon how much time you invest in or on yourself—it may be an impractical enough notion to “take time to nurture the physical self…” which this eclipse could nudge you toward.

Also, there may be a more severe need to listen to your body, and what it may be trying to tell you or alert you toward.

Taurean energies are all about embodying the physical—through nurturing and thoroughly enjoying the body, through touching, through loving, and maneuvering all the various sensations our skin and nerve endings can offer, and our heartbeats can pace through, and feeling truly a genuine sense of satisfaction, self-satisfaction, simply being within the protection of our own skin, and body, and selfhood.

Taurean energies are naturally protective, nurturing, and deliberate.

What are the ways that you can deliberately protect and nurture yourself?—think regeneratively motivated, as this is an eclipse, and thereby a time of endings and surrendering or otherwise releasing that which no longer holds any vitality…

What in your personal reality needs to be released so that something new or revived will have room to bloom?

Further, despite spring being marked calendarically in March, today’s Taurean blooms may feel more inspired by the sparks of the Uranian conjunction, but also through the Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurring simultaneously… literally ‘growing into your future’ is very much a part of today’s energies, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, ‘as the roots, so the flowers’…

To nurture and love yourself genuinely is to nurture and love everything around you, your entire environment, and All That Is.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs through a degree that represents ‘peak experiences’…

Further still, within this peak experience, there is very much a deliberate embodiment—to love and nurture (yourself, or anything) because (you, anything) require love and nurturing. Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of the second decan of Taurus, that “once planted, the matter must be attended to carefully and consistently—one cannot decide to water a plant when one chooses, nor can one make up for neglect by a double application of effort the next day… consistency and dedication must join fecundity and passion.”

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 6 of pentacles, which is associated with the second decan of Taurus, writes “when we don’t let ourselves be known, we make ourselves untouchable by those we care for… but it is two-way, dynamic, heart-to-heart touch that makes deep healing possible—after all, it was in deep connection that our oldest injuries were sustained, and so perhaps it is in deep connection that the roots of such wounds might be properly treated.”

Every nature needs nurture.❞
——Eche Agubata

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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