Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—May 7

This month we are graced with our first Leo crescent moon of the year, a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states is the Clown’s Moon, a moon when we “try not to take ourselves too seriously…”

The energies have been a bit heavy, and for some, somewhat severely altering… it might be enjoyable to feel a lighter vibration.

Today’s moon, very early in the morning on the west coast, connects to Jupiter upon the last degree of Pisces, the last lunarly connection to Jupiter before Jupiter moves into Aries…

Obviously, Jupiter moving into Aries demands its own post, which is on its way—but today’s early early morning lunarly Cancer/Pisces trine suggests sentimental compassions and nurturing ideals, and newly initiated adjustments toward a greater, more meaningful interconnectedness.

These lunarly connections, of course, will speak toward and touch upon a bigger picture, and will initiate its own reverberations…

The other exact lunarly connection today’s newly Leo moon brings is a lovely trine to Venus, through a degree that associates itself to ‘the bigger picture’, and the highlighted humor and tenderness of heart are both illuminated and projected toward personal perspectives.

There’s time to separate and categorize the details into an order that makes more sense to you, or toward that which is involved—but for today it’s more essential to focus your attention on the overall, the heart’s centeredness, the possibility of possibilities… and, you know, the bigger picture of it all.

One of the simplest rituals you can participate in to surrender all the seriousness, and all the personal revolutions of egoic importance or otherwise—is to go outside each night and look up at all the stars… to look up at the cosmos, all those light years away, and literally watch the bigger picture play itself out for you each night, all of the daily changes occurring within such vast permanence…

What a wonder, what a sight—and what a nightly treat, if you should but partake.

A person should contemplate the workings of the universe with reverence and introspection. In this way expression is given to the effects of these laws upon his own person. This is the source of a hidden power.❞
——I Ching

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by morysetta

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  1. I am curious, from which “chapter” of the I Ching do you note? There are so many translations/interpretations of this work; I find it interesting to cross reference them.


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