Venus through 7°-15° Aries—Part 2 of 5
—May 8-14th

Venus makes no connections by aspect this week.

However. Venus does apply for conjunction to Chiron all week, to be exact on May 15th, the day of the next eclipse, which would suggest an eventual opportunity for either healing, or improvements, depending upon that which you desire.

Further, as Venus moves through Aries, and is thereby governed by Mars—it’s essential to know that Mars is applying an eventual conjunction to Neptune, in Pisces, to be exact May 17th, and applies sextile connections to both Pluto, in Capricorn, and to the annual solar/North Node conjunction, just days earlier…

Allow me to dissect these celestial details.

To digest this, in astrological speak—your desires, or what you thought you desired, is now seemingly challenging you to fight for it, or at the very least, become more motivated for it… you and whatever it is you desire are, in a way, working the other up.

This is just to begin…

Without Venus aspecting anything this week, these somewhat competitive, if not taxing, energies possess a more uninterrupted stage to do just that: exhaust.

Further, Mars—but in Pisces, a most challenging sign for Mars—is moving forward toward a conjunction with Neptune—not the easiest planet for which Mars is to see eye-to-eye… which is to say—no matter how hard to challenge yourself toward your desires, and no matter how motivated you become… you are moving into an environment, a place, or a phase of pause, struggle, or even disillusion.

Last week, the buildup was in exploring your desires more personally, and coming to terms with why you desire what you desire, what specifically your desires are, and how you would set about to realize these desires… and now, it would seem, as though a bit more introspection is being required.

This is not at all to say that your desires do not desire you…

It is to say that you may not be as ready for your desires as you had thought you were, and it is, perhaps, through this temporary phase of pause that will prepare you in a way that nothing else would.

Mars needs to battle through whatever it is, wherever it is, but in Pisces, when nebulousness and trickery, limitlessness and boundarilessness abound—Mars doesn’t know how… in Pisces, the true battle for Mars is surrendering the sword, is forfeiting the fight.

And for Venus, being governed by Mars in Pisces, while in Aries—well, this is quite flummoxing… Venus, too—instead of asserting or challenging, projecting or demanding—is being challenged to simply assure herself, which is to say that you are being challenged to assure yourself… that this is happening for you, that this is its own adventure, and that you truly do desire what you desire for yourself and your own livelihood.

Mars, however, does make aspects to both Pluto and the annual sun/NN conjunction by sextile, which is to say that the current motivations and directionality of your desires are requiring a precious pause in an effort to further drive an immense inner transformational opportunity, and thereby further compelling what you desire closer… though you’re needing to learn to assert an inner strength and confidence for this to occur.

If there is true, authentic potential to be expressed and collaborated, the sun/NN conjunction should draw this out… and this conjunction occurs through a degree that, ultimately, supports this precious pause, as well as your desire, a degree that associates itself to ‘seeing life from an odd but curiously insightful angle; distinguishing real from false; letting the lovelight of the heart provide the unifying focus of the personality; merchandising one’s talents without forgetting which parts of oneself are nonnegotiable; and planting the seeds for love…’

Still. With Mars energies being the foundational vibration of all things Venusian for these moments—taking a pause, however precious, will likely not be easy, or enjoyed, or even considered…

And then there’s the Mars-ruled lunar eclipse… and that’s another post in and of itself.

A pause; it endured horribly.❞
——F. Scott Fitzgerald

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by textsfromyourexistentialist

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.

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