Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 12

First of all, today’s airy moon connects to a now retrograding Mercury through a degree that associates itself with the balancing act between listening and learning… between integrating and keeping sacred.

Further, “information and understanding is coming to you or through you… insight, knowledge, and expertise are available or present, or at least they need to be…” and this should be quite valuable to you.

How are you feeling about your teachings and your lessons?

What needs to be learned on an inner level?

What can be passed on to others so they might learn, and improve their lives?


Today’s moon is governed by Venus, and if you read my recently published Venus Moods for this week, you’ll remember that Venus makes no aspects all week and there is then this place to pause in regard to that which you desire, and that which desires you…

These more paused and seemingly impotent energies could even manage to emerge or erupt, seemingly out of nowhere, repressed and rendered qualm-less.

To quote my post, I wrote that you may find yourself navigating through matters involving “instead of your assertion or challenges, projections or demands—you are being challenged to simply assure yourself… that this is happening (and I would like to add additionally from my original post that it is neither happening to you or for you, but simply just happening…), that this is its own adventure, and that you truly do desire what you desire for yourself and your own livelihood.”

Further, I wrote that “if there is true, authentic potential (within your desire) to be expressed and collaborated… still, with Mars energies being the foundational vibration of things Venusian for these moments (and Mars is more or less currently struggling with issues of impotency) taking a pause, however precious, will likely not be easy, or enjoyed, or even considered…”

Today’s Venusian-ruled moon opposes Venus in Aries through a degree that is associated to ‘claustrophobia; coming into the light; going into dark places; and memories out of the past or out of nowhere…’

And you know what they say about the moon opposing Venus? —just a little astrology 101…

The moon and Venus do not always see eye to eye, contrary to popular belief… particularly when Venus is in Aries—you may be navigating an aggressive tension… further, this tension may be having its way with both your private, inner emotional securities and your external environments and/or relationships… either having its way, or coming in between—neither of which attempt to secure or protect your preferences or your needs… either of which severely upsets a Libran moon.

And likely, none of it’s coming from out of nowhere…

Finding its source would be essential—use these lunarly connections to a retrograded Mercury wisely.

You do not get what you wish for, unless it be known to the source of your desire.❞
——T.F. Hodge

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by scylenedesign

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