Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 13

Today’s energies and reveries are potentially layered and varied between emotional pangs and pendulum swings…

Through a Libra moon we need to fully and wholly consider Other, be it an/Other or an Other otherwise… either way, there is always always a tendency to lose oneself within the very touchy, emotional and consummating process. Issues of projection and/or repression, then, very easily come into play—if not action. Specifically, the Libra moon, when in its gibbous phase, represents romantic love—as opposed to transpersonal love, familial love, or motherly/paternal love, or, heaven help us all, virtual love…

However, especially with Venus currently moving without aspect, and thereby navigating this temporary flux or pause in desire/desiring—ideas or matters of romantic love, then, too, today, may feel as though they are either paused, muted, out of sync, or otherwise disconnected… and, in other words, possibly without balance.

This kink, seemingly from out of nowhere—is there an underlying patterning to it, if you were to dig deeply and honestly enough?

This kink, then—what, precisely, is it drawing out, or illuminating, for you?

Are you beginning to realize issues related to projection or repression, or outright avoidance—through yourself or from an/Other—more painfully clearly through this current kink?

Further, it is quite often that “we go through our lives without noticing the information that can be gained from looking at small or seemingly insignificant things… the revelation that this experience can change one’s life, if time is taken to stop long enough to really look into it…”

Obviously, if there is pain beneath whatever it is you’re finding, or whatever it is that’s emerging—it’s understandable how you might not want to linger or loiter any longer than necessary… though I’m afraid this kink of pause may take awhile—and when Venus does aspect, its aspects won’t be fluffy.

Celestially speaking, particularly as the second eclipse is on Sunday, the energies are indicating a need for adjustments… and personal presence, particularly within your own reality.

Further, and finally, there’s an indicative suggestion toward ‘rising through one’s talents’, and ‘living fully within one’s own myths’… which suggests both going above and beyond your current planes of consciousness, intentionally… but also, and in tandem thereof—you are your energy.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this technique—this technique of human interaction and emotional exchange—makes “a life truly ‘human’… and he referred to this as conscious participation—which is to imply a conscious participation toward and with all things and all energies.

Energies change all the time… and so can you.

On our own, we are marshmallows and dried spaghetti, but together we can become something bigger.❞
——C.B. Cook

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by oaknarrow

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