Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—May 21

Today’s energies could be… interesting.

Typical Aquarian moon moods would suggest an ‘out of nowhere’ preference to do something different, to break boundaries in some way—yours or an/Others, or otherwise push the envelope in a way that is not routine or ordinary…


Today’s typical lunarly Aquarian preferences will likely either be or feel thwarted.


True to Aquarian energies—today’s energies will feel a bit off.

It may help to tell you to try to keep an open mind—because a natural tendency of resistance, steering instead toward narrowness or closed-mindedness, may sneak in on your efforts under the guise of ‘practicality’ or ‘reasonableness’… however, remaining open, too, might inadvertently resist so many options, under the exact same guises—it may be trying for you to find a comfy balance.

Also classic with Aquarian energies—perhaps even more so when lunarly—there could be a heavy dose of emotional detachment toward conversational points, informational insights, and/or emotionality overall… and this sort of responsive behavior could absolutely provoke reaction.

Try to keep an open mind, particularly, toward these very thick Aquarian energies and natural resulting frequencies—Aquarian energies seek to organize, and make sense of something utterly puzzling or bewildering… and these complexities require an emotional detachment, as emotions tend to consume our ability to see things clearly, and to feel things honestly, and to understand things transparently.

Even further—something unexpected could emerge, either throwing something off or adding a bit of a stir to an otherwise organized arrangement, likely something you would benefit more from understanding transparently, or feeling honestly, or seeing clearly… rather than reacting—responding warmly would be more receptive than resisting, especially if detachment techniques are evident; expressing warmth, even toward the coldest chill out chilliest freeze, might even help dissolve any emotional detachment, and open these energies to navigate with love—rather than cold, reasonable logic…

Again. Being open to finding the balance.

And maybe this centered and loving warmth being genuinely expressed could be the unexpected glitch in an otherwise impersonal transaction, proper procedure, or systematic response.

All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.❞
——Chris Hart

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by lucas.cerri

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