Aries Balsamic Moon
—May 26

Whatever your circumstances—since the beginning of the month, you’ve likely changed your perspective toward something significant to you…

Changed your perspective—significantly.

Today’s Mars-ruled moon is even more boldly Martian as Mars is now co-present in Aries, suggesting an even more emotionally charged reaction toward selfhood, self-motivation, and self-needs… and this could be navigated carefully—or quite poorly.

As a new awareness of perspective in consciousness is developing, something is very clearly ending…

And you might even be feeling a little defensive or possessive, fussy, or angry about it—try to breathe through this, and feel through all of your feelings about it with yourself before loudly imploding over it unnecessarily, or aggressively ‘handling’ anything beyond yourself.

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.❞
——Tim Burton

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski

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