Taurus/Gemini Balsamic Moon
—May 29

We’re looking more honestly, now, at that which we need to learn or know more about…

Because we’re talking about lunarly energies—even within its balsamic phase—we’re needing to learn something from someone else, in the same room, presently and in connectedness.

Or, perhaps you’re needing to adjust your perspective in an effort to better learn something—something about someone else, or something beyond yourself… maybe it’s your perspective that’s blocking, or creating an obstacle toward, whatever it is you’re not (feeling that you’re) understanding.

Giving form to this potentially ‘new vision or vibration’, however, could emerge through its own set of obstacles, or could otherwise be rewarded only after frustration… or otherwise ‘explosive’ consequences.

Ultimately, the lesson needing learned could simply and essentially be motivated by a very deeply underlying need or vulnerability—to be loved, to be nurtured, to be seen, to be understood… though, today, you’ll either need to learn that you’re loved, nurtured, seen, or understood through another’s affectations—through whatever activity or ‘lesson’ is appropriate.

Further, any potential frustrations could be deduced to, through the need to communicate, the ‘demanding [of] social acknowledgement’ through feeling marginalized or ostracized… or should you be entertaining a more ‘clear, unemotional perspective on life’, in other words—you’re not honestly acknowledging your own feelings, and thereby projecting these denials onto others, which will likely backfire.

Further still, yesterday’s energies focused upon the highlighting of value, as well as the core source of what lies within our actions and motivations… (and whatever it is one begins to project onto others is typically something that one is struggling to understand within oneself)

Today, these values could become somewhat exemplified.

Maybe challenged.

Nevertheless, there should be a real opportunity for connection—and, more specifically, reconnection—should you choose to take it.

Today is a day, especially through whatever lesson or understanding you’re seeking or needing to learn, to ‘honor and celebrate the divine as it manifests in everyday things’, to acknowledge ‘rituals that work because the right spirit has gone into them’, and perhaps most intentionally, to observe and learn and respond to ‘the joy of giving as the real reward of getting’…

But sometimes we miss the point.

Last year was the year I lost my patience with people who deal with life like it is not precious.❞


☽♊︎ by 10:23am PDT; 11:23am MDT; 12:23pm CDT; 1:23pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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