For those of you who have recently signed up for daily forecasts—hi, I’m Jamie—you can call me James…

Helping you navigate your lives more energy-efficiently is my joy—and astrology is my tool.

I’m not the hippie dippie woo woo astrologer using crystals or fortunes, and you’re not going to see me in some sixties-era flower child dress imagery surrounded with butterflies in a meadow, so serene, spouting nonsensical astro-babble from which no one can make sense… my style is simple—and often blunt.

I tell you the alignments, I explain these influences, and I give you personalized suggestions as to how you can use these in your favor.

Simple. To the point. Energy, translated—into information you can actually use.

Astro-babble isn’t information—it’s personalized solipsistic validation for ego-driven behaviors and unhealthy patterning (I’m an Aries, so I’m naturally really bossy) [ugh]… you can live your life through your ego weaknesses—or you can love your life through your soul strengths. Your choice, always.

For example, a surfer feels out and chooses the time of day to catch the best waves… the tide comes in and out each day—along with the earth’s natural influences and the moon’s obvious gravitational pull, the surfer uses this knowledge to catch the best waves at the best time. Sure, the surfer may not ‘believe’ in astrology, but the surfer uses it every time…

Celestial influences from all the planets are resonating at all times… I can help you pick and choose the right ‘waves’ to catch in your life.

Without the astro-babble.

If you’re frustrated in your reality—apologies, but you’re probably not using the current energies appropriately… why struggle?—give me a call.

Thank you for reading, following, loving, and sharing—it is much appreciated—and, of course, word of mouth and scheduling a reading are the best compliments.

Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.❞
——JP Morgan

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