Gemini New Moon at 9°03′
—May 30

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that on the new moon in Gemini, “we indulge our curiosity…”

There is definitely a high probability of ‘plunging into situations without considering the ramifications; becoming conscious of what’s [really] happening; shakeups; and things getting completely out of control…’ as these are the inherent energies of this moon, as well as the energies inherent within the degree of Gemini this lunarly event occurs.

Are things really going the way they should?

Are risky potentials on offer within your reality?

How do you navigate risk?—how do you navigate extremes?

Although these energies can feel quite exciting—a firm balancing of equilibriating extremes is likely necessary now…

On this note—it may be somewhat inherently impossible to balance, well… anything.

To begin… (I’ll offer you three avenues of theory to complicate the equilibrium of simple divisions of two, just to be mercurial lol)

These energies, inherently, are diametrically perpendicular to one another (the moon needing emotionality; Geminian energies seemingly repelling emotionality)… to feel (moon) and to think (Gemini) looks very much like rationalization, and as Kaldera shares, “Gemini is ruled by the trickster Mercury, not exactly a steady emotional barometer; one of the hallmarks of Gemini [especially by the moon] is that [there is] often an out of touchness of feelings entirely for long periods of time.”

Astrologer Austin Coppock expresses that, through this first decan of Gemini, to be found or offered, is a “tremendous curiosity and intelligence—within it lies the power to discover the multiplicity within all unities, the complexities in apparent simplicities… it provides clever methods and opens numerous pathways—yet this very profusion de-centers and sometimes paralyzes…”

You simply may not have the luxury of balance now… nor a rational ability to make reasonable decisions or behave accordingly, or to make thoroughly informed strategies; you may not have the head for any of it now, much less the appropriate words to describe or explain any of it.

The emotionality of this energy, then, may be found, or available, through inherently knowing—even without the words to define or explain—if that makes any sense…

Should you find yourself within these bewildering parameters of dynamic extremes—and needing to know what to do or decide—try remembering who you are in your core.

Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t so much about indulging our curiosities on this particular new moon—but rather, our curiosities being piqued?

I continue to get the ‘rationalization’ that there is much occurring in terms of either being pulled or plunged into both spaces and places beyond comfortability…


The 8 of Swords in the tarot represents the first decan of Gemini, and this is a card that symbolizes the element of air, yet notoriously represents being bound.

In what ways are you perhaps limiting yourself?—or being limited—either currently, or typically, as in habitually, or reactively?

The 8 of Swords suggests you may be feeling trapped by your circumstances or stuck in a routinely rut, oppressed in some way, controlled, or isolated—particularly, I would imagine, emotionally… or maybe simply ‘tied up’ with too many obligations, decisions, or expectations.

Or, more happily—though definitely more symbolically—these energies may represent something of an initiation for you, as in the beginning of a new way of living, or a new way of seeing things, or a new way of feeling about something… an awakening.

Affectionately, tarot writer Jessica Dore suggests that the 8 of Swords is about choices—and that we always have them… Dore suggests that we create entirely our reality—specifically, in protections thereof, around our personal or familial or religious or moral beliefs about our reality… “we unconsciously build our whole lives and behavioral lexicons around avoiding anything that might brush up against these thorny core beliefs—for example, a person who carries a belief that they’re unlovable might create a rule to avoid intimacy in order to avoid having to feel the prick of unlovability; that rule might manifest as an unconscious gravitation toward unavailable partners, abstaining from dating altogether, or even social isolation… before we’re even aware of these thorns, many of us will do anything to avoid being pricked by them—even when it makes life small.”

Dore continues, “rigid adherence to these rules is called experiential avoidance, which is exactly what it sounds like—avoiding certain experiences, sometimes internal and sometimes external, all in an effort to protect ourselves from thinking, feeling, or experiencing anything that we believe we cannot handle.”

Perhaps your reality is currently being shaken up in an effort to initiate a new awareness—to experience your own life being lived?

The true thrill of simply being alive and presently experiencing it… Just the innate and inherent knowingness of being alive.

And finally…

Mars and Jupiter meet in conjunction today through a degree that associates itself to polarization, and the directly aggressive consciousness thereof…

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree as if to suggest that these energies are “needed for fulfilling one’s life function…”

Further, Rudhyar states that “in order to respond fully to the potentialities released by a sense of identification with a greater Whole, the human being should be himself whole—an interplay of bipolar energies is needed to provide a sustained and dynamic ‘resonance’ to any superior and encompassing form of life; this may imply a temporary withdrawal from routine activity, i.e. a ‘secluded’ process—it is not, however, a closed process… the positive and negative polarities do not meet in a closed circuit, reconstituting a neutral state of potentiality—they operate in dynamic, open, unresolved togetherness in contact with the surrounding energies of nature…”

So, perhaps the more aggressively focused energies of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries are suggesting a courageously bold conquest… toward quietude, toward the glimpsing of true intimacy, toward solidity, toward something new beyond what’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable—coming back around to what’s already within, though upon a higher plane of consciousness thereof.


Today’s new moon in Gemini is asking you to follow your curiosities about yourself—and the inner, deeper you—through all of your mentally or emotionally binding parameters… and though you might not be able to do something like this on your own—you will need, however, to be curiously present, and emotionally available. And may the (imagined) binding unravel, the spiky thorns soften, and may the blinders come off completely to offer clarity, consciousness, and comfort.

Nothing is more desirable than to be released from an affliction, but nothing is more frightening than to be divested of a crutch.❞
——James Baldwin

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by julien.tabet

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