Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 1

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed today’s energies nearly perfectly, however ‘out of context’ it may be—through the degree through which today’s moon connects to Jupiter by square, eerily succinctly: we are still involved in the results of an act which bright about a radical reorientation of one’s life…


The fourth degree of Cancer represents all the gestures involved in the hefty questions and weighty decisions which are being twisted and twirled throughout the connection between your head and your heart… and the answers need to embody the essence of realignment.

This degree also speaks of ‘playful interface between fantasy and reality’, as well as ‘probing to see how far one’s projected desires and fears extend into real life’, and ‘probing others to arrive at a new level of emotional understanding’… but most particularly, ‘tapping one’s primitive instincts’.


Instincts—one of those popular buzz words, these days, like ‘living one’s truth’, the misunderstood definition of what a hero actually is (by definition—contrary to popular media, not doctors or nurses, etc: the healthcare illusion), or a genius, or the term ‘traumatized’ (everyone seems to be these days, which seems excessively inaccurate, or desperately dramatic)—instincts are often actually impulses, egoically validated.

But instincts and egoic impulses are not the same thing… at all.

Perhaps the realignment, then, is necessary toward the dynamics between these two definitions—between these differences… though, it’s highly likely that you’ll take to these terms, today, on a more emotional level—through which you’ll be more inclined to defend, particularly defending toward that which is… possessing less than, say—instincts, hahaha.

One could argue—the energies today are influencing a load of rationalization… “the mind is very clever at not facing the consequences—which follow from desires or even from restlessness… [and so] hesitancy and conflicting motives are still inevitable.”

The key to today’s conflicting energies—trying to actually understand the rationalizations, to actually understand the discrepancies, to actually understand the definitions… to actually understand the differences—it could be fundamental for new beginnings.

Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.❞
——Agatha Christie

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by strange_is_better

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