Leo Crescent Moon
—July 1

The need to reorganize and differentiate components of change within your personal reality may be necessary…

But other than that ‘slight’ adjustment—I don’t want to bombard you with the whole spectrum of astrological symbolisms—just try to enjoy the lighter energies, these creative and inspiring energies, and try to enjoy yourselves.

Simply. Honestly. Genuinely.

If you prepare to be yourself today, and completely authentic to your selfhood, it should be a pretty interesting day, indeed.

But do try not to take yourself so seriously…

In the real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning…
——F Scott Fitzgerald

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cult.class


Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—June 30

And BAM!—it’s all coming at you, for better or worse…

Two potentially harsh lunarly connections while the moon continues moving through Cancer, and thereby harsher yet as this is definitely the moon’s more vulnerable squishy side—possibly the dark side—through the section of the sky that carries weight.

It’s an interesting vibration—a newly crescent moon, experiencing such a dive, such a hit…

Whatever is either piquing or plunging, being provoked or perturbed within your reality right now—you’ll likely confront it, or be confronted by it, somewhat laterally.

Any of the woo woo astrology articles telling you to set all these intentions toward romantically swerved ideals of love, or bonding—that it was all about cuddling… ouch!—because this new moon was all about beginning new routines or rituals that nurture your needs toward healing from/through, and reconnecting with, previous wounding through a new behavior response and/or egoic reaction.

This is no quick fix.

This will be a slow process, an emotional process, but an empowering process—a process which should be sustained through the rest of the year…

On December 23rd the Capricorn new moon will occur at 1°33′, regarding degrees which associate with both authority and destructiveness and then on March 24th, 2023 Pluto will move into Aquarius—and this is significant because monthly Cancer moons will no longer inevitably oppose Pluto, Leo moons will…

I bring this to your attention now because this squishy vulnerable inner healing and boundary breaking, embracing new behavior responses and empowering potentials of reconnection—which has been a building, evolving moon/Pluto opposition detail since Pluto moved into Capricorn, only illuminated more confrontationally four times a year—occurring through Cancer is a much different dynamic than experiencing and expressing all of this personal transformation through the likes of Leo, indeed!

Not to mention, Pluto in Aquarius!—we’ve seen nothing yet…

When planets move through Cancer they’re being given the opportunity to nurture, through feeling, a thicker skin toward that which we cannot control, toward that which is potentially debilitating or insecure, toward that which requires—if not demands!—a more deliberately delicate and loving approach and/or embrace… toward that which forevermore remains vulnerable, toward that which needs.

When planets move through Leo they’re being given the opportunity to authentically express love, and gratitude, and will… to express itself through an individuated manner, to express itself in light, in strength, in confidence, in motivation, and in power… there is, inherently, an opportunity to shine.

When monthly Leo moons begin to oppose Pluto, Pluto will begin to provoke and bully your very personal selfhood—your core character.

Pluto is very harsh on the moon, especially a Cancer moon…

I realize it may sound a little strange to think that this oppositional dynamic has been continually triggered upon a monthly basis through the sign of Cancer since 2008—but it’s true—please refer to the Cancer/Capricorn sectors of your nativity… what houses are these sectors animating in your life?

It goes to show you that the planets are the real players in astrology, not the signs—‘what sign are you?’ is so 1973…


Things are beginning to feel heavy.

It’s best to rise to the occasion each month directly… not laterally.

But maybe—wait a day?

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.❞
——Barbara De Angelis

☽♌︎ by 5:40pm PDT; 6:40pm MDT; 7:40pm CDT; 8:40pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown


Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 29

Jean-Paul Sartre expressed that “freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you…”


Though I beg of you to reread that…

If you choose to do unto others precisely what’s been done unto you—this is not freedom, this is conditioned insanity.

As you’re likely still considering your trigger points and investigating their depths, today’s moon squares Chiron through a degree that represents growth, what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as ‘the life urge to actualize one’s potential’.

I would argue, that in many ways, one’s potential includes—or inherently involves—the extensions beyond what one is given or gifted, and beyond that which one may find easy or natural… potential is what is offered and rewarded when one goes out of one’s ways, genuinely, authentically—potential, then, is something, most naturally, that we birth, and grow, and thereby bleed through and toil toward… it is not to ever be taken lightly as just another buzz word.

Perhaps the most important detail today, and really—in general, is “to realize that something of value has the opportunity to develop, but will need nurturing, attention, fertilization, care, and hope…” and regardless of where you are on your ‘journey’ in self-evolution—to remember that Nature isn’t too keen on shortcuts… take your time—as time is truly the only real value we’ve left—don’t disgrace this.

Ultimately, something new is occurring—whether it is expanding your own limited conditioning or not—it is similar to a sensation of freedom… try not to hold yourself prisoner to the past.

The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.❞
——Jim Morrison

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by varona73

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Cancer New Moon at 7°23′
—June 28

Cancerian energies are about nurturing, and always always regarding needs. Needs imply baseline foundational requirements—requirements needing fulfilled. And so for something to represent Needs it thereby immediately represents lack, that which is without… it represents an energy requiring sustenance.

This is a sensitive space, a touchy reality, and it’s extremely vulnerable stuff—stuff many of us are typically defensive toward, only making it worse…

And when we feel defensive we easily begin to project.

An underbelly shadowy side of Cancerian energies—either in real time, amidst celestial forecasting or within our personal nativities—is often where we tend to project both our ideals and our fears… and most of all, our needs—perhaps moreso, our expectations toward these needs.

This goes back to the last full moon—the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14—and our trigger points, ignorances, and ‘flawless’ opinions. The astrology cookbooks won’t tell you so bluntly—but Cancerian energies are largely about ego. However, unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies do possess depth—depths of the stuff… though, very unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies aren’t too keen on openly sharing it with anyone… they both, however uncannily, do plenty of projecting their depths and lacks thereof onto, well, anyone.

Projections, mind you, can be subtle… stupifyingly subtle. Sneaky.

Projections are typically entirely unconscious.

So, projections, needs, fears, egoic impulses, needs, trigger points, needs, expectations, defenses, needs and nurturing, and feelings of lack—all of these have at least one thing in common: wounding.

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs associates to ‘attempting to overcome barriers’, ‘showing up phoniness and pretense’, ‘serious social criticisms’ and ‘penetrating soliloquies’… to excelling expectations, refusing being pigeonholed.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree to symbolize ‘a group of rabbits dressed in clothes’, which is to describe those “who may be trying to be more, or act like they are more, than they really are…[to] disguise who we truly are and what we really feel about ourselves.”

This full moon event is occurring within the first decan of Cancer very much represents the ultimate beginning, as well as the dynamics and bond between Mother and Child, as well as the dynamics and bond between Self and Other… and healing the spaces and distances in between.

Another thing about the depths of depths that Cancerian energies—they feel…

Cancerian energies feel nearly everything, though can’t seem to put these feelings anywhere but further within… this lunarly event is asking you to feel, to nurture yourself and your needs, and to resist pushing it further within—this lunarly event asking you to be vulnerably, genuinely, and unconditionally present with yourself.

With the good, the bad, the complicated, the messy, the triggered, the needy, the sensitive, the ignorant, the egoic, and the very ugly.

Without apology.

Because, see, projections, really, are merely mirrors—albeit really pesky, passive-aggressive ornery mirrors—and even though an/Others’ projections may not have anything to do with you (as your projections likely have nothing to do with whomever you are projecting them toward)… they do, though, as in: they relate to you… what’s more important—is how they relate to you, and why?—what, exactly, lies beneath the trigger point?

And that’s what today’s vibrations are resonating… remember, this will be a hefty process, with depth—this will not be quick, or simple.

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.❞
——Fyodor Dostoevsky

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 27

Where can you cut back?

In what ways can you trim around the edges without losing the essence?

How could you go about learning more toward simplifying your daily reality, routine, and environment in ways that could literally and metaphorically expand your horizons beyond your comprehension?

Today is a day to think about these things…

There is so much more to be found when we prune back the excess and the waste and all the frequencies of noise.

There is no true loss in authentic growth, only the natural process of letting go, outgrowing, pruning. The call of the next level requires it. Those who resist the connective opportunities that life brings to grow to their next level, never reach the mental maturity height to acquire it… even when they think they are on the path, their gap in understanding leaves them stuck where they left off, usually on a deadmilled-treadmill.❞
Tracey Bond

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by f.greenleaf


Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 26

Interestingly, always… today’s celestial energies focus upon the ‘desire to be heard’.


As the moon meets Mercury in conjunction, ‘having a platform’ to speak from or through is also desired, as well as the ‘need for rational emotional points to be made’.

I really can’t make this stuff up…

There will likely be too many thoughts and feelings running through your mind today, too many points and opinions, beliefs and noise to navigate… possibly too much information or lower frequency to capture, to put into actual words, to articulate to express to others.

Further, you might have an announcement of some magnitude to make, or, in turn, you may be exposed to another’s announcement.

Ultimately, and furthermore, you may be ready to speak of something essentially important, and your articulation, now, should be clear, resonating, and tremendously thoughtful, especially if you have a particular cause you’re fighting for—especially if you’re the underdog—especially if there’s a point to be made.

To conclude, ever so celestially conveniently, in this age of air, things unseen in all ways are becoming subjected to negotiations, debates, and actual policy in ways that describe as physical property—things like ideas, or feelings, and reproductive options… perhaps personal rights should cover all privacies, as privacies in and of themselves are unseen… just making a rationally emotional point of my own.

It is not important what is said, what is important is what is heard.
——Jeffrey Fry

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by tess.collage

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Taurus/Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 25

Continued balancing acts today, especially as the moon moves through and beyond its square to Saturn and sequential Uranian conjunction…

Try to remember, through the balancing act in real time—that whatever is rearranged, upended, or disrupted uncomfortably, unevenly, or haphazardly—the underlying essence is in an effort to get deeper into something.

Then the moon moves into Gemini… and moves into conjunction with Venus, now in Gemini—and when Venus is in Gemini Venus portrays more of a laissez-faire attitude, a more social motivation, and one hell of a proclivity toward flighty impulses and interrupted mindsets… interested preferences will likely become distracted.

Tomorrow the moon will continue to move toward Mercury, also in Gemini and thereby empowered, and will likewise have much more understanding, resonance, attention span, and follow through.

Maybe. Maybe not. Up to you. With lunarly influences through airy Gemini with Venusian undertones—good luck making up your mind on anything, really, or simply trying to maintain your focus too long.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
——Zig Ziglar

☽♊︎ by 4:14pm PDT; 5:14pm MDT; 6:14pm CDT; 7:14pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown


Taurus Balsamic Moon
—June 24

Jim Morrison of sixties band The Doors influenced the collective with countless poems and lyrics inspired through a quote from William Blake, who once wrote that “if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite…”

Endless. Blissful.

Today’s lunarly impact, by degree, represents such a notion…

Blake continued this sentiment, though little recognition has been brought to the conclusion: for man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern… from which he may very well have been inspired through Plato’s cave theory.

Today’s energies reflect upon burdens—past and present—and the conscious ability to free oneself from these burdens—real or imagined.

Plato and Blake and Morrison alike, all in their individuated ways, understood that the human mind is in itself a burden, a limitation, a sort of prison… that our very thoughts can entrap us into a reality that, beyond our minds, simply isn’t so. It’s no wonder that Mercury, the planet associated with the mind, with thoughts, ideas, illusions, and imaginings is also termed ‘the trickster’, and the term ‘mercurial’ describing that which is changeable, volatile, fickle, or erratic.

As astrologer Dane Rudhyar explained of this degree and its symbolisms, that “the traditional teachings concerning man’s nature are somehow reconciled with the youthful enthusiasm that sees in every problem of growth an issue between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’… the symbol suggests that the real enemy is within the mind; it is the ego and its attachment to possessions… the mind is shown in the likeness of a ‘bag’, now empty, and needing to be aired in the sunlight—but the ‘window’ must first be opened and the bag emptied… even more to be cleansed is the container of perceptual images—the ego mind…”

Perhaps a little (self-administered) psychoanalysis is necessary?

Particularly, as we move into Cancer season—by “holding onto everything old or outworn in your environment or, indeed, inside your self, you create clutter that restricts your well-being and your future… consider discarding anything that doesn’t measure up.”

Do you really need the thoughts you think?

Do you really need to hold yourself to all of your routines?—mental or otherwise…

Do you really need to cling so tightly to specific memories?—emotionally or otherwise…

What relevance do any of the above have toward your future?

It’s a good time to talk to someone you trust should you be needing to rid yourself of some of your thoughts and feelings, though I would recommend you communicate and share these with someone you fully and wholly trust… though, again, as we move into Cancer season—keeping thoughts and feelings to ourselves is most natural and preferable to exposing any vulnerabilities. Still, as the moon weakens to be reborn, it’s an ideal time to surrender some of your inner darknesses, those thoughts and feelings that haven’t yet seen light… to see some light for better understanding.

Better understanding, and perhaps—maybe, just maybe—a new and unexpected perspective…

Whatever you do—leave the cave, get out of your own mind, go way beyond your own natural or preferred inclinations, let the sun shine in.

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.❞
——Friedrich Nietzsche

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by gaglain

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Taurus Balsamic Moon
—June 23

It was a historically controversial American defense lawyer, Clarence Darrow, who once stated,

When we fully understand the brevity of life, its fleeting joys and unavoidable pains; when we accept the facts that all men and women are approaching an inevitable doom: the consciousness of it should make us more kindly and considerate of each other—this feeling should make men and women use their best efforts to help their fellow travelers on the road, to make the path brighter and easier as we journey on; it should bring a closer kinship, a better understanding, and a deeper sympathy for the wayfarers who must live a common life and die a common death.

Today’s energies are more or less subtle, which is to say almost thoughtless, or without doubt, or struggle… though quite profound if truly tuned into—a sense of actual cosmic ease may be experienced: try to participate in all you can if you’re on the frequency.

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.
——Samuel Johnson

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by seamlessoo


Aries Balsamic Moon
—June 22

Another day of balancing—today’s focus illuminates the dynamics and differences between the balances between your inner and outer potentials… or, in other words, more specifically, between your private vulnerabilities and your (in)ability to continue to trust.

Today, symbolically, is very much an image of a wound, its bandaging, the wound being re-wounded, and the blood freely flowing… and, most significantly, how the second bandaging is navigated. We’ll always be vulnerable—in some way, with some thing—but we mustn’t keep ourselves to ourselves… nor should we ever expect others to be who we think they should be, or expect others to be who we want them to be, or expect others to behave the way we would prefer them to behave—even if they don’t ‘fit ’ into the narrative in our minds.

You may feel the need to loosen up emotional blockages today… to re-bandage, essentially.

Unresolved issues that have been too difficult to discuss or too complicated to articulate—these issues, when they have no outlet they have no where to go… and so they fester, and lie beneath the surface of things, just waiting… and these issues, unresolved and isolated, create inner feelings of withdrawal, fear, and loneliness.

You may want to sit with yourself today in an effort to (re)connect with your inner knowing, your inner trusting, with your inner will to open yourself to an/Other… though to not to shut yourself off too much, as this—however necessary—solo reconnection with self is somewhat oppositional to reconnection with other.

These inner vulnerabilities, and fears… when loosened, dislodged, and tackled from the side—those offers you so much more time to look at the bright side of things… especially if you’re open to sharing the experiencing of abundance and fulfillment with an/Other.

But then we must go back to knowing exactly what it is we want…

Sometimes this can be more daunting than dealing with our troubles.

What and where is the place you strive for?

Or, maybe you’ve made it, and you’re present within this place… but are you willing and open to allow these rewards?

Today’s energies also involve a threshold of sorts… like the ripping off of a bandage that is cutting off circulation—and so “perhaps you need to make the deliberate action of opening the gate, allowing entry to where you belong and where you want to be…”

Further, “it can be difficult accepting or admitting what we really want, especially to ourselves… you may be used to (or addicted to) being in a difficult or unfulfilling situation or relationship—can you cope with the more rewarding possibilities that lie beyond any barriers?”

Should you choose to pull off the bandages altogether and allow your vulnerabilities to breathe… an entirely new livelihood will awaken—a whole new beginning awaiting to be experienced.

Of course, a moment of pause in this new precious place will be necessary—this threshold isn’t too be so simply or impulsively rushed through, the bandage so haphazardly ripped off… and, in full cycle, this is perhaps more of why some quality alone time should be taken—not to sulk or self-isolate… but to acknowledge our potential through the vulnerabilities that make us who we are—to acknowledge ourselves as capable in our agency for change, for improvement, for personal evolution… and absolutely deserving (and able) in our want for more.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.❞
——Sun Tzu

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by varona73

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