Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 2

Continued irrationally emotional defensiveness for today. Fun.

Also up—today’s Cancer moon squaring Chiron… it’s all ‘fun’ and games until someone gets hurt.

This moon and its celestial baggage could be taken incredibly personally, as inwardly taken, as in held and hoarded and harbored within the heart in the heaviest of hindrances… concentrated.

The degree through which this square occurs is associated with ‘truth telling, breaking out or through, finding a balance, and even poking holes…’ and so very much in alignment with yesterday’s compulsion toward realignment—however, today the emphasis lies more upon tenderness, wounding, or potentials for pain, and so the finding of a balance between tenderness and unbreakability, between wounds and comforts, between pain and relief.

Again—fun stuff.


If you’re willing or able to rise above and beyond yourself and really tap into the power potentials these energies are offering, today could be more about what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as ‘personality integration’.

And so, today would pose something of an inner conflict thereof, particularly toward the specifically tender process of such a transformational breakthrough… which is to refer to any birth, transmogrification, metamorphosis, or awakening—it hurts.

These decisions and re-routings and realignments occurred, and being asked of you—these need not only to be in alignment with your own inner instincts (as opposed to inner egoic impulses) but also with the cosmic clockworks… and then there’s the additional layer of completely new and unknown alignments with which must be acknowledged, learned, understood, and applied.

Basically, all of the pieces need to perfectly fit into all the parts.

Another buzz word that today’s society has masticated so thoroughly, yet somehow swallowed too soon, and is now desperately choking on—authenticity.

I get it. I use it a lot. But I use it within its appropriate context and definitional meaning, as well as never using it toward an excuse or justification.

Authenticity, to be authentic, is to possess a genuineness… further, by definition, it cannot be copied or falsified—which I think is key here—and when something is authentic, its origins are supported by unquestionable evidence or verification. Greek origins are equivalent to ‘one who does things himself’, and Latin origins offer ‘coming from the author’.

So, the precise mechanics of these clockworks processes—well, they’re absolutely authentic to you… as in, the pieces and parts related to you and your ‘journey’ (another gag-worthy buzz term, though I’m sure I’ve used it…) are not impulsive, or copied, influenced, or questionable—you are the author of these parts and pieces… only you can know if it’s true.

See, one thing that astrological cookbooks won’t tell you it’s that the energies of Cancer are nearly entirely egoic… these descriptions are typically referred, instead, to that of Leo—which is misinterpreted, at best. And it is within the between, between Cancer and Leo, that we learn the difference—that we learn the essence of integration…

Between Cancer and Leo the hormonal ‘all-knowing’ teenager becomes a personally accountable confident, self-possessed adult… or not.

This is when the child finally identifies within, identifies itself as the new version of itself, this merging becoming into adulthood, into one’s more authentic self—the self one will both hold accountable, and endlessly protect.

Either way—this transition, this beckoning, this transformation, this awakening… it hurts.

Yet. On the other side… awaits potential.

In the space between chaos and shape there was a chance…

——Jeanette Winterson

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by charlie_davoli

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
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