Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—June 3

If yesterday was wasted egoically—as in irrationally and emotionally self-focused—today may bring you up out of your own pity party.

Mostly, because the moon moves out of Cancer and into Leo.

Continued concentration, today, while the lunarly influences remain in watery Cancer territory, toward your own becoming, essentially—as though you’re learning how to weightlessly float up to the surface from the deepest, heaviest waters you harbor within.

Today’s transitions—that precious place between a know-it-all and defensive emotionality, and an emergence into an individuated and authentic selfhood—are truly and absolutely in your own interests.

This is the place from where we come through…

For instance, a child doesn’t come from its parents—it comes through its parents.

Retaining a parent’s expectations into adulthood—is somewhat sad… and a real indicator that one is failing to live one’s own life, or, as the hip kids say these days, failing to live one’s own ‘journey’ or ‘truth’, and they probably also add, ‘that’s so [choose whatever zodiac sign is currently relevant to justify for one’s purposes]’… gag, cringe, eye roll.

This is where the sun meets the sky.

This is where our authentically individuated self breaks away and begins to grow toward the light, growing in one’s own way.

Today may offer you a new level of understanding, especially toward information that was previously just out of reach—particularly that which was held in higher regard and protected by privilege or status… the essence of this energy, then, is toward upgrading—specifically, your consciousness.

Then, the emotionally emerging moon connects to Pluto in opposition before bursting into Leo, through a degree that associates itself with ‘penetrating to the heart of a matter; seeing the turning point of an issue; questions and quick retorts; blind spots; and weighing and comparing…’ as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed in description, “the intuitive weighing of alternatives”.

And it is here, truly, that you have a choice.

And, just as old as time may be, there are two.

And, just for ‘fun’, the choice you choose may not be your ‘natural’ go-to.

Either way—you are on to something entirely new…

No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.

☽♌︎ by 11:38am PDT; 12:38pm MDT; 1:38pm CDT; 2:38pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by @paulfuentes_photo

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