Virgo Crescent Moon
—June 6

Today’s lunarly impact illuminates a trine to Venus in Taurus through a degree that astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the heading phrase for the degree to be ‘after the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride…’

Unveiling… this is the essence of this degree—particularly toward a mind that is ‘trained’, which is to imply a close-minded mind being somewhat blown, either by awe or bewilderment.

And, indeed, a Virgoan crescent moon is a moon through which to delineate a real-time understanding of, or skill/technique toward, that which offers a sense of awe or bewilderment… after all, through whatever new understanding—or eye-opening unveiling—you embrace, or are open to, the more of a possibility of truly learning something new you will have.

Is your mind open to receive new information or knowledge?—or is your mind closed?

Honestly—should your mind be closed to new information or knowledge… why?

Typically, close-mindedness is a reaction from either fear or pride—either of which are, essentially, ensconced of pure ego.

Virgoan energies, typically, don’t have much time or energy for ego.

Virgoan energies, typically, are much too focused upon and disciplined toward that which is new, unknown, misunderstood, or yet to be decoded, proven, or organized.

And so, should you be open to it, in true Virgoan influence—should you be open to unveiling a new level of consciousness… it’s time, then, to ‘take the plunge’ and “make a commitment to someone or something…” just in time, celestially, as Saturn has stationed retrograde—holding yourself to that which discipline is the essence.

Further, these energies—this discipline—describes “a situation where the past and the future collide… one cannot continue to exist in limbo—and the future has a stronger call than the past.”

Uncovering veils… or continuing to hide behind them—always, the choice is yours, though there may be something emerging that either disallows the continuation of anything less than genuine… or somehow forces a circumstance that remove any barriers otherwise, barriers in between that which is conscious, and that which is still unconscious.

Perhaps it’s the recent discoveries toward, or reunions with, or ultimate connectedness to your inner authenticity that will guide you through whatever disciplines you’ll now need to devote yourself toward—in the name of awe, and despite any previous unknowns…

Big picture dreams broken down into smaller, more manageable parts unveil the steps that lead you to where you wan to go.❞
——Richie Norton

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cult.class

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