Virgo/Libra Gibbous Moon
—June 8

Sentiments of veils and veiling linger into today’s symbolisms, as Mercury reveals the now-gibbous moon to Venus…

Or perhaps it’s more of a transmission?

From Virgoan energies of improvement and thoroughly genuine understanding to Libran energies, which embody vibrations of harmony, and balance, and cooperative collaborations—building, particularly, toward a full moon in Sagittarius (next Tuesday), which is a moon particularly centering in on re-centering and reconnecting and going beyond one’s limitations, and through what those energies are offering you.

Since last week, too, it’s been building, for you, these concepts of personal genuineness, in transmission—as well as all the parts of yourself that are less than authentic, less than glamorous—through Libra, this true genuineness, for better or worse, it becomes a natural being-ness.

Much like how, and astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as much, the old adage prescribes: the master appears when the student is fully and honestly ready… not unlike this in any way—your genuineness will become as natural as breathing when you begin being your genuineness.

Luckily, for you, the cosmos is doing its part in collaboration with you… “information and understanding is coming to you or through you—insight, knowledge, and expertise are available or present, or at least they need to be…” and there’s definitely something to this—particularly toward the whole of the Master/Student and Ask/Receive notions; be quite mindful of the how of what you request as well as the what in how you request…

Are you acknowledging everything, however subtle or symbolic, before you?

Are you embodying your true genuineness?

Are you participating, as a student, with a Master/Teacher?

How are you feeling about your lessons?

What needs to be learned about your inner-ness?

This precept descended from heaven: know thyself.❞

☽♎︎ by 8:23am PDT; 9:23am MDT; 10:23am CDT; 11:23am EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by astroccult

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