Scorpio/Sagittarius Gibbous Moon
—June 12

Depending upon where you live in the world, the moon will balance the day’s energies likely unevenly between Scorpio and Sagittarius… however, if you’re in Greece or Australia—the moon will remain in Scorpio through the entire day, but if you’re in Maui, the moon will move into Sagittarius around noon.

Either way, both Mars and Jupiter are currently moving through Aries, though Mars/Scorpio definitely holds more of a weight, despite its moving toward Chiron for an eventual conjunction… though Jupiter does have a tendency to ‘match’ influences.

Moving on…

Ultimately, you’re likely in the midst of raising your consciousness, of leveling up, of rising to an occasion, of realigning your vibration, yes?—and so you’re likely experiencing many fundamental shifts and changes… and there is definitely a need—if not an outright demand—to learn to acclimate yourself to/with these adjustments.

The catch?

These adjustments are not only requiring your participation—but are also needing, to your eventual benefit, your psychological malleability.


I know.

Imagine needing—not wanting—to learn a new language because you’ll be ensconced within an environment where that’s all you’ll hear, no exceptions or compromises… and to thrive, you’ll need to acclimate wholly and fully.

For those of you with the moon remaining in Scorpio all day—this acclimation could be embraced as a challenge… or defended against as a threat, depending upon how you are individually (and astrologically) wired.

For those of you with the moon moving into Sagittarius—this acclimation could truly be embraced, and curiously explored… though, the risk of rushing in and expecting to learn too much too soon could become an eventual disappointment.

You have the ability to adjust the lens through which you view the world.❞
——Jeffrey G. Duarte

☽♐︎ by 3:32pm PDT; 4:32pm MDT; 5:32pm CDT; 6:32pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by julianmajin

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