Sagittarius Gibbous Moon
—June 13

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs…

You’re searching for a sign—looking for clues.

However, you might fall prey to looking outside of yourself, or casting your gaze upon an/Other for an answer or solution, or reading too much into something, which is likely really nothing at all, or creating something where there is nothing, or making something much larger than it needs to be—any of these are all missing the point entirely… which is all very Sagittarian indeed.

To use today’s energies more appropriately, and much more effectively, it might behoove you, instead, to simply look forward—into the unknown, into that which is not yet…

Meanwhile, Mars applies its conjunction to Chiron, in Aries—to be exact the 15th—moving toward a degree that associates itself to ‘being alive to the moment’… further, this degree conjures sentiments of ‘openness to the unfolding poetry of life; seeing the glimmers of new possibilities on the horizon; and sharing sage advice on life’s ups and downs…’

However, Mars and Chiron in conjunction—this is typically a painful influence, or something that influences shame, or blame, and not at all regarding such optimisms… could this building conjunction, then, be preparing potentials toward trust?—trusting, rather than seeking.

As these simultaneous energies build, for better or worse, perhaps this could open to opportunities for personal wisdom to trustfully observe… and, maybe, simply being alive to the moments with a new or renewed dignity.

The biggest reason for our existence is to feel the rapture of being alive.
——Lebo Grand

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by morysetta

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