Sagittarius Full Moon at 23°25′
—June 14

Most people these days have some golden, perfect, untouchably ‘authentic’ opinion about nearly everything between here and Pluto, whether they actually know anything about the core of what their golden opinion encapsulates or not…

Yet, most people can’t see beyond their own ignorance, iPhones or trigger points.

Can you objectively question your own opinions, ignorance, and trigger points?

This is what today’s energies are all about—putting your personal agency, authority, and ‘authenticity’ in order.

It sometimes seems as though everyone has a stance on everything—everyone’s protecting ‘their truth’, or a brand, whether they’re influencing anything or not—everything is a fucking statement for or against something, it’s exhausting…

And all of it is simply noise.

None of it is truth—gimme a break… it’s all ego.

What’s the difference, then, between ego and truth?—depth.

Where’s the depth? Where’s the depth of all these opinions?!—where’s the depth underneath all of the statements and virtue signaling?—where’s the depth behind all the ‘personal truths’!?

This is a moon devoted to re-linking, reconnecting, and realigning…

To relinking, reconnecting, and realigning actual substance, or depth, with who we really are within ourselves—to reacquaint and revive our inner relationships between ourselves and our spirit… (because anyone so triggered by any little thing is severely lacking a deeper connection with themselves—the ‘trigger’ itself is but a symptom of something much larger within their own vulnerabilities. Again—can you objectively {and honestly} question your own opinions, ignorance, and trigger points?)

This full moon falls upon the third decan of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Saturn—and so, immediately, limitations and difficulties are associated… the true essence of the word ‘trigger’ come to mind. Additionally, this decan is associated with the 10 of Wands in the tarot—a card infamously associated with ‘difficulties, oppression and exhaustion’… astrologer Austin Coppock expresses, toward this decan, the like of “a horse ridden until collapse…”

Ultimately, the energies through this decan represent ‘what must be done’, for better or worse… that, as Coppock writes, “necessity’s trials are twofold—the first are those ordeals which we choose to take on, to set a goal and follow through to the end… yet not all such initiations are chosen—life does not always offer choices, and it is at those places where the road narrows that Necessity’s trials become clear…”

Coppock goes a step further, explaining that this decan offers the challenge of circumstances “where the body and the spirit are at odds… [and] to move forward, the spirit, the will, must press the body beyond comfort’s boundaries.”

And there is no halfway here—it’s all… or nothing; Coppock affirms, “the work is either completed or it is not—one must press on until success is finally obtained, or find utter failure confirmed.”

Therefore, this is not one of those moons to set all of your ambitious intentions to—but rather, a moon to follow through upon…

So, what are these golden opinions anyway—these authentic truths and depthless brands and personal trigger points? They’re all limitations.

What is a belief? Essentially, it’s a limitation, too.

Anything your mind is willing to wrap itself around to the point that it can no longer acknowledge anything beyond that singular perspective—this is limitation at its finest, and most inconspicuous. Are these beliefs, and opinions, brands, and trigger points, whatever—thoughts in general—are they actually yours?—or were they conditioned?—rewarded? You see where I’m going…

People who don’t really know who they are are raising children—essentially, to not really know or understand who they are… and it’s been happening since the dawn of time, and maintaining an opinion—however false or irrelevant, hateful, or unintelligent—is much easier than living a life that represents something with actual depth.

Further, we ourselves struggle to know or understand who we are, even when we go out of our way to try to learn, because many of us fail to truly understand our own personal boundaries… and then a real vicious cycle becomes overpowering without much effort at all.

How many of you actually know what you want? Why do you want whatever it is you want? And how many of you have a reasonable action plan toward obtaining what you want? And how many of you find fault in something beyond yourself as to why what you want is unobtainable?

These are real objectionable questions… what are your limits?—and why are these your limits?—and these circumstances that you may not have chosen, how are you navigating these?—could some real adjustments be made here that begin with you?

And furthermore… what comes with limitations? Boundaries.

Where are your boundaries? And why? Did you set them?

What does Sagittarius struggle with? Beliefs, opinions, limitations, and boundaries. And depth. Many a Sagittarius consider themselves to be quite the scholar or mystic… though no actual substance is evident—but then, as I’ve previously informed you, I’ve never met an actual archetypal Sagittarian, as they are few and far between.

Which is precisely my point—with limits and boundaries; with few and far between… with all of this.

What are you honestly willing to actually give of yourself, wholly and completely, in an effort to actualize a result through your will?

What are your boundaries?—and if you don’t have any, where do you suppose creating some might offer you some reprieve or ease?

Are your boundaries and limitations commingling?

Then again… are your opinions and trigger points commingling?

The true reward through this full moon might be found within the broadening of the mind, within the broadening of the perspective—and within the broadening of the personal boundaries toward what you will or will not do to be the most that you can be… toward what you will or will not do to expose yourself to that which will reward you with the most depth of character—character that will assuredly motivate you onward and upward, no matter what the circumstance.

And the severely honest objectionable questioning of current limitations being held—both within yourself and beyond yourself.

And I realize that this post is somewhat dogmatically enhanced—but then again, maybe it’s just that know-it-all Sagittarian moon lol… but ultimately—either way—you’ll either go get what you want, or you’ll find a reason (excuse) why you can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t.

Beware the man of a single book…❞
——St. Thomas Aquinas

☽♑︎ by 3:14pm PDT; 4:14pm MDT; 5:14pm CDT; 6:14pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cult.class

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