Capricorn/Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—June 16

Saturn governs today’s moon, through both Capricorn and Aquarius, and Saturn is moving retrograde back through a degree that associates itself with the need for management.

In a way, the need for management is something of a disseminating phase process, or technique… how it is exercised, communicated, practiced, and, well, managed.

This degree umbrellas the need for management toward all things within our lives, however, through a disseminating phasing influence, this need for management may only need to be considered toward your mood or emotionality—particularly toward how your energy is resonating with others, or toward whatever it is you’re currently trying to work on within a much larger vision, which will obviously take longer to accomplish than today.

Depending upon how you navigate energies influenced by Saturn will likely determine how you might fare with today’s currents…

Truly, the act of managing anything is a talent, a technique, a skill set of which many people lack ability, patience for, or mere follow through…

When the moon is in Capricorn, we tend to need to prioritize, manage our motivations, and work to accomplish something… while the moon is in Aquarius, we tend to need to organize—as in empowering action, rather than managing compartmentalization—as well as minimizing obstacles, strategizing strengths, and outreaching potentials. Managing, then, shifts from a much more determinedly anticipatory sentiment, however prepared or pre-planned, toward a more strategically organized effort in structured maintenance of outcome.

Essentially, through the influencing of Saturn, a major similarity between the likes of Capricorn and Aquarius… is time—and the management thereof.

Further, and perhaps a bit elevatedly, when moving from the skeletal structure of Capricorn to the broadened awareness and ideals of Aquarius we inherently move from earth to air—and one could argue, from the physicality of our literally moving body to the very breath we breathe, to the management of the spark of insight or inspiration that metaphorically or symbolically moves us…

We experience—and manage—our time, daily, through our body… and within our thoughts and ideals. We experience time that hasn’t even actually occurred yet when we manage our time poorly and daydream too often, while we experience time, time and time again, over and over, when we ‘remember’ a time from another time…

Neither Capricorn or Aquarius are too keen on wasting precious time in the past, or within the emotionality of memory… at the end of the zodiacal cycle, these two energies inherently understand there is no actual use within this unmanaged usage of time—when there are future idealizations to materialize in actuality.

Something tells me that the management of time might be something you need to go about managing differently…

Either possibly considering it differently, in a new way, or organizing it differently, or strategizing differently—all in an empowering effort to get more out of what little there really is.

Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.
——Sylvia Plath

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