Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—June 17

Aquarian energies can often, more or less typically, be/feel somewhat guarded, nonchalant, or even coolly impersonal… and today these impressions may be somewhat pronounced, or even necessary.

Paranoia is never ideal, but there may be reason to maintain a more reserved stance, or possess a more guarded authority, or take a much more restrained and judgemental overview… discernment will be essential, to more reasonably and unemotionally assess this from that, to see through that from this—before exposing your inner emotions or ideas most truly and honestly, though still remaining strategic, and thereby invulnerable…


Discomforts may, nevertheless, feel obvious—or natural.

Remember, through whatever uncomfortability you’re potentially experiencing—you’re getting somewhere, and sometimes it’s simply a heavier or weighted process.

Remember, too, however, that flexibility—however irritable—serves one much further than nonchalant rigidity…

That which yields is not always weak.❞
——Jacqueline Carey

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cadementa

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