Aries Balsamic Moon
—June 22

Another day of balancing—today’s focus illuminates the dynamics and differences between the balances between your inner and outer potentials… or, in other words, more specifically, between your private vulnerabilities and your (in)ability to continue to trust.

Today, symbolically, is very much an image of a wound, its bandaging, the wound being re-wounded, and the blood freely flowing… and, most significantly, how the second bandaging is navigated. We’ll always be vulnerable—in some way, with some thing—but we mustn’t keep ourselves to ourselves… nor should we ever expect others to be who we think they should be, or expect others to be who we want them to be, or expect others to behave the way we would prefer them to behave—even if they don’t ‘fit ’ into the narrative in our minds.

You may feel the need to loosen up emotional blockages today… to re-bandage, essentially.

Unresolved issues that have been too difficult to discuss or too complicated to articulate—these issues, when they have no outlet they have no where to go… and so they fester, and lie beneath the surface of things, just waiting… and these issues, unresolved and isolated, create inner feelings of withdrawal, fear, and loneliness.

You may want to sit with yourself today in an effort to (re)connect with your inner knowing, your inner trusting, with your inner will to open yourself to an/Other… though to not to shut yourself off too much, as this—however necessary—solo reconnection with self is somewhat oppositional to reconnection with other.

These inner vulnerabilities, and fears… when loosened, dislodged, and tackled from the side—those offers you so much more time to look at the bright side of things… especially if you’re open to sharing the experiencing of abundance and fulfillment with an/Other.

But then we must go back to knowing exactly what it is we want…

Sometimes this can be more daunting than dealing with our troubles.

What and where is the place you strive for?

Or, maybe you’ve made it, and you’re present within this place… but are you willing and open to allow these rewards?

Today’s energies also involve a threshold of sorts… like the ripping off of a bandage that is cutting off circulation—and so “perhaps you need to make the deliberate action of opening the gate, allowing entry to where you belong and where you want to be…”

Further, “it can be difficult accepting or admitting what we really want, especially to ourselves… you may be used to (or addicted to) being in a difficult or unfulfilling situation or relationship—can you cope with the more rewarding possibilities that lie beyond any barriers?”

Should you choose to pull off the bandages altogether and allow your vulnerabilities to breathe… an entirely new livelihood will awaken—a whole new beginning awaiting to be experienced.

Of course, a moment of pause in this new precious place will be necessary—this threshold isn’t too be so simply or impulsively rushed through, the bandage so haphazardly ripped off… and, in full cycle, this is perhaps more of why some quality alone time should be taken—not to sulk or self-isolate… but to acknowledge our potential through the vulnerabilities that make us who we are—to acknowledge ourselves as capable in our agency for change, for improvement, for personal evolution… and absolutely deserving (and able) in our want for more.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.❞
——Sun Tzu

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by varona73

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